SONY PS4 Press Release Conference

January 12, 2014

On 9th January I was invited to SONY PS4 Press Release Conference by BBlog. Held in Ritz Carlton Jakarta I went there with so much anticipation and curiosity as for being an ex-hardcore gamer, I wish to know how Sony Playstation has improved as not only press release they actually give us chance to try it! Being on the event feels like being brainwashed by it LoL. It woke my gamer side. So, let's jump in the event post shall we? 

Sorry for the blurry pictures TT___TT still not used to take pic on dark places m_ _m

Base on what I saw it really was a major event. The director from Japan and Hong Kong even came here O____O;;. Not only the official launching of PS4 they also invited costumer who place their order about a month ago. Can you imagine it? becoming the first PS4 holder in Indonesia? *___* IF I'm still a hardcore gamer I definitely feel somewhat proud la!

I thought the event were only PS4 launching and free trial. Quite shocked that they introduced new console too *___*. Its the new PS Vita, PS Vita TV and Sony Personal 3D Viewer.  Well, anyway I'll try my best to explain what's new on each console! Its mega intriguing to know ^.^ 

At first when I saw the new PS4 design it somehow reminds me of the PS2 slim. And happy to know that Sony Playstation still keep black as its' identity colour. What's interesting for me were the controller and the external devices. Try googling it! it has the share button, built in speaker and new placing on the start and select button. It becomes a touch pad *____*. The cutest thing about this was the camera that support the playroom

On the other side, the new PS Vita 2000 has some improvement in colour variation and size. Its lighter and smaller! Its on my wish list actually. The only game that interest me on PS Vita is Persona XD~ please develop more game so I will buy it someday~ XD *iskick

Another cute thing and maybe suitable for busy people was this new PS Vita TV! At first I thought its only for PS Vita game and apparently we can install PS 1-3 (CMIIW 1-3 or 1-2) on it! even some PS4 games too. Claims to be world's smallest console. Can't agree more, its really small! almost as small as iPhone 5, dafuq. The controller reminds you of PS1, right? ^^

The last thing was this Personal 3D Viewer. The most "WAW" thing of the day. I don't think explanation needed for this as maybe most of you could guess the function *___*. YES PLEASEEEE AS YOU IMAGINED!! We could travel into our gaming world with this. Feels like in Eureka and .//Hack don't you think? Sony so considerate enough, it builts in manual focus, allowing us to set the focus according our eyes' condition. I even imagined wearing this while playing Fatal Frame. Wtf, undoubtedly will throw my controller stick whenever the ghost appear. You could enter your gaming/movie world by paying IDR 10.000.00 for this product. Someone should give me this as Christmas present including nice TV LOL!!

Well enough of those brainwashing product presentation. Here's some picture on the event. You could see so many anticipation and curiosity inside the room *___*

Unexpectedly met Cominica and V3 that day!! So happy to met someone I knew AND a gamer at the same time. Dunno how many time me and Com went fangirling and wow-ing like crazy especially when we try the PS4+3D Viewer and . . . Dynasty Warrior *___* seems like our real personality came out when we play this ROFL *kiss

Totally having fun that day!! It made me miss my gaming life so much *^* Happy to the maxs could try PS4, PS Vita TV, PS Vita and saw someone playing PS3 Final Fantasy Lightning Return >w<~ most hilarious moment that day when someone said FF:LR was Lightning's Fashion Show ROFLMAO!!!

Well, everyone, what do you think of Sony's new console? ^.^ 
I personally love the PS Vita TV! how about you? :3