New Year's Eve x School Food Blooming Mari

January 03, 2014

Hi guys! How's your new year? having fun? hope so ^.^ as for me new year was just like another day. I spent it by preparing things for my college and planning to take driving lesson too. Rather than having fun on new year, I'm having nice time during new year's eve with my friends! Basically we just gathered up at Central Park, hanging around and chat long enough because we usually didn't have much time together. Christmas and New Year always so kind to me. I always spend time with my long-time-no-see friends :)

So, that day we gathered at Central Park's School Food Blooming Mari. Been so curious about this restaurant and its a nice chance because we don't know where to meet. School Food is a Korean chain restaurant specialized in Korean's street snack and light snack. Guess what? its originally from South Korea! Gosh, Korea culture become such a big bomb these past few year and more and more Korean's restaurant start opening its branch here in Indonesia. (taking a just served food snap are just too mainstream so I try to snap it half-eaten LoL)

Since the only Korean food that I know was Topokki, Kimbab, Bimbimbap, Jjajangmyun, Ramyun. . . oh what if you watch K-Drama then you'll know all those mainstream menu, LoL. Well anyway in the end I ordered the Original Topokki (Rice Cake) because Topokki was the most curious food for me ever. Those Red Pepper Sauce with Kimchi and Fish Cake. It was quite delicious. Sweet and Spicy. Amazingly spicy but I'm addicted to it but its better to share it with friends like 2 or 3people. The portion was quite big for me. As for drink, in the end I always order my favourite flavour. Peach Tea. And its not enough for me because the Topokki spiciness beat it, huff. . .

Price wise, I think it was overprice in term of light snack / street snack. IDR 60.000 for the Topokki? (Peach Tea around IDR 20.000 was normal for me). Plus the tax and services really high in my opinion. In the end I think this place was quite cozy to just hang around with friends. The interior of the unfinished building near the windows really reminds me of a school's canteen and better share the food rather than eat on your own. 

Well, stay tune for another foodism! :)