Etude House Precious Mineral BBdation - #2 Natural Beige

January 07, 2014

Hi y'all! how's your 2014? been starting your routine just like before? for me, holidays almost over and should back to college. Should brace myself for this semester hopefully its gonna be my last! and as coquettish as always during holiday I bought bunch of makeup stuff. One of them were Etude House's Precious Mineral BBdation.

I heard that this one came out not long after Etude House's CC Cream and Cotton Fit BB Cream. It also came out with an applicator that sadly I didn't purchase it lol. It claims as Skincare BB + Cover Foundation hence the name is BBdation. Put it simple, BB Cream + Foundation la. It contains SPF40 / PA+++, Whitening and Anti Wrinkle. Available in 3shades. Mine was #2 Natural Beige.

It comes in clear plastic bottle with purple pump and cap. I find it quite . . . normal? compare to the rest of Etude House's product which, usually was cute (yes, even a tube was cute because of the colour) but this one quite travel friendly I say, because of the pump cap. Aside from the boring clear plastic design that let you see the product colour what's fascinating is that the white gap on the bottle. I don't know how it works but the lesser the BBdation the clear gap goes up to let you know how much left.

Below were swatches on back of my hand. With and Without flash

Natural Beige blends quite well on my yellow-ish skin. And although it contains SPF40, it didn't outcast when using flash to take selfie!. The texture was watery and little bit creamy and hence it goes well with the applicator or brush as applying watery foundation by finger is still a no no for me. I find this quit suitable for daily basis. Medium coverage (but don't expect much for big pores), light and dewy finish! I just loooveeee healthy look. Amazingly it stays quite long! about 6hours but leaving T-zone a lil bit oily. The only thing that I dislike about this product was the smell! I read the ingredient and it said contain fragrance but I didn't smell any nice scent at all TT__TT It smells like wet sponge with foundation. But rest assure, Its gone after a minute or two after application ^^

Overall I like this product, I use this for my current daily basis if I have time to doll-up at home (I use Any Cushion as my extra flash makeup basis LoL) but sadly will not re-purchase it because of the smell although I like the finish :(. Sorry for being too demanding lolol