Canmake Cheek Gradation - #06 Candy Stripes

January 21, 2014

Hi all~ I'm back with another review! I'm so bias over Japanese product. Maybe because I watched anime from when I was little girl my love for Japan grow from there! and when I'm not extremely into game or anime again my another hobby were beauty, make-up and fashion. And apparently I still can't move-on from Japan that when I went to Hong Kong's SASA I always end up buying Japanese beauty stuff LoL.

On this post I'm gonna review this Canmake Cheek Gradation that were popular among the nihonjin (or-so when I read Japan's magazine, especially with Lena Fujii as the model somehow seems alluring LoL).

This blush comes in 4shades in which every box consist of 3colour and 1highlighter and a small brush. I got mine in #06/Candy Stripes cuz I'm still into sweet and cute look! That consist of:

- Tropical Orange
- Strawberry Pink
- Sweet Pale Pink
- Highlighter

The packaging was so cheap in my opinion but on the good side, its travel friendly, small and quite secured. I mean, usually cheap look stuff with plastic packaging tends to have leaking or damaged issue on the opening system, nay? quite ok for a 800Y drug store beauty product la :)

At first I'm quite worry with the shimmer from just looking at it but when I use it, its actually doesn't contain lots of shimmer that will give you those Edward Cullen's bling bling body *isslap* and surprisingly on the contrary with its' cheap price it has a good pigmentation! swipe it twice on cheek then voila! It give a sheer satin finish eventhough its like a powder war happened when I swipe my brush on it LoL!  Another downside beside the packaging was the staying power. Just by swipe of hand the colour fade, wth!! so, its better don't touch la! It will stay longer -_-a

My fav was the Sweet Pale Pink (third one, before the highlighter) ^.^ as it looks for natural on me. But sometimes I mix it with Strawberry Pink to get more fresh look! Using the Strawberry Pink alone still so vibrant for me T^T

well then, hope it helps! wha't your fav colour peps! :D