Blogger Talkshow at Japan Beauty Week 2014

January 30, 2014

Hello lovelies, how's you weekend? did you visit Jakarta's Japan Beauty Week 2014? Its an event that was held by METI (Ministry of Economy & Trade Industry). This event introduced us Japan's beauty product. Starting from skincare to makeup. Participating beauty brand were Hada Labo, Kanebo, Kracie, Menard, Astalift and Panasonic. While fashion brand were Olive des Olive and Million Carats. I, personally quite shock when I saw the participating beauty brand cuz I 5 from 6 of them!! O___O 

That's made me quite familiar with some product that I agreed to participate on Japan Beauty week blogger talk show! ^.^ its quite fun to talk about and share things that I know or familiar with, especially that I like. My session was during Saturday noon along with Marsha from Blushoff and Fifi from the-Alvianto. Marsha, same as me a beauty blogger while Fifi a fashion blogger and Hijab Fashion Designer! ^.^ 

Not only I share stuff but I also learn from them especially from Fifi! I really think she looks young and we only like 2-3years apart? but apparently she almost enter the 30s. Amaze amaze la *___*, I learn how to take care of my skin when I reach her age later on *____* Our wardrobe that day sponsored by Olive des Olive. Japan's fashion brand that represent kawaii style. Mega love what I choosed!!

MC-ed by Stella Lee, that day we represent HadaLabo for our talk show session. She asked the same question to all of us and luckily we have different skin type and come from different age and routine. We share about our skin, product and few tips too! Here I try so summarize your question and answer that day, hope it helps you peeps! ^.^

1. What kind of skincare product do you use?
cleansing, washing, toner, lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen, eyecream and lipbalm. I need THAT much because I used to don't really care about my skin and now overwhelmed with lots of skincare product because the texture and condition are bad. 

2. How do you know about the product?
Yes, I know about Hada Labo. Once saw it from SG blogger and quite shock with the "Sold every 1second" claim. When I was back to Hong Kong apparently Hyaluronic Acid was popular there and most girl use this product. I tried it out of curiosity.

3. Why do you use the product?
Since I have this combination (dry to oily) and sensitive skin, I found this product calm my skin very well. I'm more to dry and almost spend all day inside aircon room. Amazingly my face didn't give any dry signal like it used to. But since I have an extremely dry skin I spray some of the moisturizer like every 4hours? it depends.

4. What do you feel after use the product?
Soft, bouncy and fresher look. I love my skin texture that I wanna keep touching it LoL

5. Can you tell use your skincare routine?
Morning: washing - toner - lotion - moisturizer - sunscreen - lipbalm
Night: cleansing - toner - lotion - moisturizer - eyecream - lipbalm
All my skincare are focused on dry skin. Maybe you think its too much after toner I user another lotion and moisturizer but, my skin dry so fast so I need to slap more than average ^^;;

6. What's your skin problem?
Acnes, millia, blackhead, whitehead and big pores. (trust me, I have the most skin problem than Marsha and Fifi. So girls/guys, take care of your skin from when you're young!). Rather than heal them I try to take care of my skin's dryness because it was the roots of all the problem! My skin was actually dry but since I didn't  really take care of it, it starts giving out some sebum/oil. Ignorant and laziness cause my current condition *cry
totally camera aware lol

posing with Hada Labo product that we use. OMG I'm so hobbit XD;;~

Its quite a thrill as it was my first talk show unlike Marsha and Fifi. On the other side I'm so happy that I could share and learn things during the event, not to forget getting to know new people and gathered with friends! It was quite a nice time there ^.^ Hope there'll be event such as this in the future la <33 and since when I was googling I found out that JBW was held in Thailand too, I hope it spread to Hong Kong! definitely gonna be a big blast there as Hong Kong was my little Japan LoL. The girl there super addicted to Japan Product XD~~ 

Sadly I didn't took any picture of Olive des Olive I was wearing that day since we're kinda late for the talkshow and need to move fast LoL. So here's picture of my actual OOTD that day XD~ thanks to Gabby from *bigkisses*

well, have a nice CNY weekend! :)

Picture during even credits to: BBlog