Angelcolour Bambi Series 1Day Contact Lens

January 26, 2014

Hi people~! how's life ah!  ^.^ hope you have another great day instead of this gloomy rainy season here in Jakarta! Stay calm and keep pretties ;)

Today gonna be a lens review. Yes! I think this is my second lens review? I rarely use lens on daily life eventhough my eyes not good. I use contact lens only for eyes enlargement purpose. Instead of using one that suitable to my cylinder/minus I use the normal one as doctor said that difference between my cyclinder/minus are to far that it might cause discomfort if I wear lens that base on my eyes condition :(

and as you all know I have this very tiny eyes. Some of you might be curious how I managed to tuck those 14.5mm lens to my eyes or how does it feel. Its amazingly feels normal but I can't use larger than 14.5mm lens. Even some 14.5mm lens can cause discomfort on me so sometimes finding the perfect lens was kinda hard for me >__< especially my eyes just like my skin, super dry. I need to use lens drop more frequent than most people, I think? lol. Especially if I need to wear lens for all day long, most lens couldn't last on me eyes eventhough I use lens drop already >___<

So far I never use any Japanese brand contact lens. Most lens that suits me was the Korean one ^.^ eventhough I rarely repurchase them because I keep wanting need colour and motives LoL. And so since I'm in holiday mode last month old habit come again la. I bought stuff and one of it were contact lens. I have been eyeing this Angelcolour Bambi Series from I dunno when LoL. I just remember seeing Tsubasa Matsukawa on almost every magazine with this add and it builds up my curiosity. Plus, its a 1day lens!! (with no minus O___O) and they said 1day lens usually have great comfort and moisture the eyes more than the usual!

This is my first review on 1day lens. Sorry if I made any stupid mistake here lol. This 1day lens just like any other 1day lens obviously comes in big packaging. Simple and sweet kinda remind me of Dolly Wink, maybe because I always saw Tsubawa Matsukawa promoting it? LoL. It available in 2colours, Almond and Chocolate but I ordered the chocolate one from Japan Softlens since I want a brighter colour. My eyes are small, so even chocolate will look dark on me (and made me look like an alien) so why bother to by Almond which, darker than chocolate? :3

Will not said anything about the inside packaging as all 1day lens packaging are the same. Plastic peel with infos and etc. . . at first I thought that it was a 14.5mm but apparently this Japan's lens was smaller than the usual. Its' a 14.2mm!! . . . ok, its only 0.3 different but it have great difference on eyes. It affect much on me to lessen those alien-like look ^^; and I think it looks more natural! Another stupid thing when I received my Bambi series. The packaging " 1day 30lens " I thought that it means 30pair of lens which was for 1month but apparently it really does 30lens/15pairs!! *head-desk & facepalm in extreme level*

I like the pattern of this chocolate one than the almond as it has more light coloured detail near the pupil area and dark ring on the outer area. More natural! The enlargement effect on me not bad la ^.^/ but what I like the most was the comfort *____* maybe I should switch my all my lens to 1day lens? its super comfy. Most of time when I wear lens I always have this "oh, something stuck but never mind, its not hurt tho" due to my small eyes but when I wear this I almost forgot that I wear lens O.O!! what kind of sorcery is this, wth. The only disturbing feeling that I ever felt was when my eyes feel tired/dry. That mean I need to use lens drop but other than that I'm fine O___O!! maxs love!!

Pardon my fail double eyelid but anyway, you should congratulate me on successing to one! I could defeat those fatty lid of me *____* no more droopy eyes, yay!

Rather than giving you any image of just the lens, here I give my face in different lighting while wearing the lens! *iskick*

what do you think? looks quite normal eh? ^.^/
well, that's it from me ^ ^ 
hope you enjoy this post and stay super fabss! ;)