2014 Onward!

January 01, 2014

Hi everyone, happy new year 2014! wish you all have a great fabulous year ahead be yesterday as your future teacher and face everything with courage!

Time flies so fast, no? every new year I always feels like I'm just celebrating Christmas and New Year and look back at what I've achieve so far but in the end although I didn't achieve much I always feel grateful of everything. The most important are that I'm so grateful that I survived 2013! I survived from my college hectiness, I'm grateful that I don't give-up on my college even when I really feel that I couldn't to it (well actually I'm grateful that I have a high and bitchy ego and pride LoL) and most of it, I'm so grateful my laptop didn't die because it plays such an important role for my work, college and blog!!

Well, anyway, this year I can be even better than last! starting from:
1. Graduate and present my final collection successfully
2. New laptop. its time for my current baby to retire. Its been almost 5years!
3. I know that I lack of update so, I hope I could update more for you guys and share more beside beauty! maybe fashion, culinary or just some random picture that I snap! and more blogwalking to your blog, leaving and replying comment!
4. Anger and Social management. I'm no good in controlling my anger and I can't talk sweetly. I mostly talk so rude and said whatever in my mind _ _v
5. Experience more. Whether in work, language, fashion and blogging
6. Make my parent proud me of (its a double must ^.^)
7. Travelling! Europe, Japan, China, Korea. I wanna see many many thing. Especially their culture and historical building *__*
8. Made more friends and keep in touch with my ol' pals too! I've been abandoning most of my friends while keeping up with my college that only give me 2weeks of holidays for every semester TT___TT

well, all in all I hope I will not give up no matter what :)