Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk

December 28, 2013

Its December already! and I abandoned my blog. Pardon that, I took rest the moment after I finished my term and in fact I spend like crazy to pamper myself. For example, lip product. I'm planning to use more colour for my lip eventhough still not confident enough la! 

So, on this post I'm gonna review about Etude's House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk in OR206, RD302, PK004. Etude's House packaging just irresistible. Those plastic metallic lilac with some engraving on the top with rounded bottom or I prefer to said it as short-peplum-like LoL and top of that, the ribbon! feels like opening a present everytime I use it!

Just like any regular lipstick shape with addition of cuteness on the lipstick they craved Etude House's lovely carriage symbol. Can't imagine if I used to again and again until it disappear D: just like the sweet packaging, it smells nice too. Do you know the sweet sugar scent before they make cotton candy? that's it. But the more I sniff it I could smell the usual lipstick's scent. Just a little but still. . . yuck *isslap

Colour wise I was quite surprise with Etude's House improvement. I remember the last time I swatch on the backside of my hand the colour didn't came out at all! more like a gloss (last swatch on Etude's House lipstick was around 2011) Just around 2swipe surprisingly the colour came out just like what I saw on the packaging box and from just by seeing the lipstick only. That, too, apply when I swipe it on my lip! but sadly the colour didn't last long. Just a swipe of tissue it disappears like around 40% especially when I done eating I only could see a glimpse of it :|

On my lip? YES, I should include it to my favourite. I have a very extremely dry skin especially my lip. Some lipstick could make my lip dry until it becomes chappy. This baby didn't dry my lip at all and result on my lip was a-lil-bit glossy, not-too-matte :D

PK004 - Soft Shocking Pink

RD002 - The red was too vibrant for me that I need to bite tissue to fade it a little DX and hence it becomes pinkish red

OR206 - Pale Tangerine

Overall, feel so-so for this product. If only the staying power better than I described then, I will totally fall in love with it! It available in 24colours and how I wish it was more cheap for me so I could collect more colour haha XD~