Cow Brand Bouncia Body Soap

December 29, 2013

Again, its another review for dry skin. Please don't get bored. I'm still trying this and that for my extra dry skin and who knows, might help you too! and while I'm in holiday mode I'm so so so enthusiast to try many product. Hopefully my skin could bear it all LoL

Now then, let's us get down to business. Lemme introduce you Cow Brand's Bouncia. Cow Brand is a Japanese brand with 100years of history and recently just expand their wing to Indonesia! If you go to drug store such as Guardian or the Japanese Supermarket like Papaya you might find product such as SkinLiFE, Milky Body Soap and Bouncia. They come from the same family with reasonable price.

Bouncia specialize in dry skin which, draws my attention. It comes with large size (550ml is large for me) that could be use for the entire family of 3 for about 6-8months. And since it has such a big container it too, refillable. Judging from the design it reminds me of milk butter or whip cream or some kind of cake cream LoL. And guess what? when I read the ingredient composition it does contain butter!

The product's texture are silky milky white and just by rubbing it produces moderate amount of foam. Can't imagine if I use foam net maybe I could play with those fluffy foam^^;. Scent wise although it contains fragrance for me it smells like plain milk with mixture of lil' amount of musk. So far I love this body soap as it really does, moisture my skin eventhough it still leave white mark when I scratch to test how far it moisture my skin. 

Another thing that I like is that the result on me. Just like its name , Bouncia, it gives bouncy bouncy feels to my skin! I think it because of the thick foam that it produces, it enters body's pore and clean it gently

aww~ how I love Japan's products!! hope it could improve my skin's dryness ^.^/ 

Well then, hope it helps and happy holidays! :3