YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres #11

November 23, 2013

Hey guys! another review is coming! been into colourful lips lately. No. Truth is, I think there's a change in my personality? I'm in something colourful and bold. Maybe I want to make a statement, eh? Honestly, I used to dislike red. Hate it to the point I could feel angry just by seeing it but now? I crave for it. Lately I find red is sexy and classy. Well . . . I think it also depend on the colour shade/gradient. I mean, some shade might look cheap that we dislike it, no? well, anyway on this post I'm gonna review this YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres #11

It comes in rectangular shape and has two part. Bottom for the product with small clear rectangular to let us see the product shade and applicator cap on the top with the brand name engraved on it and of course the packaging colour was no other than the sexy black with gold! its a new white and black for me ^___^/ 

Claims to be non-sticky, pigmented, light weight, extreme long wear and high concentration of water. To make it simple, its a lip stain that available in 20shades! The applicator allows precise application as it was in tapered shape, nice yes! :)  

I agree with most the the claims. Starting from:
Pigmented: Absolutely. Mine was YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres in #11, result on my lips the same like what you saw on the packaging. Reddish Cherry. If I want to to be more pink or less vibrant all I need is just to apply a little and rub it!

Long Lasting: Extremely. Well, the colour do fade away if I drink of rub my lips but it still there for the whole day! and I need some extra effort in removing it ^^; but I don't need to reapply it until I want it to be more vibrant

Light weight: Yes. It was pigmented eventhough I only apply a layer of it. Smooth glossy finishing ^^/

High concentration of water: 30% is not high enough for me, my lip becomes dry if I wear it too long and there's one time when I wear it for about 3-4days I have this chappy lip. So I recommend for those who have dry lip like me to use lipbalm before application 

In summary, I love this product but I wouldn't wear it for daily make-up as it make my lip dry and eventhough its quite expensive (IDR 340.000 is expensive for me LoL) when I think about the result on me, the quality, the staying power, I think this worth an investment for lip product lovers! 

Hope it helps, love ^.^