Dr.Jart+ V7 Beauty Balm (BB Cream)

November 27, 2013

Hello there ladies! in this post I would like introduce you a BBCream from Dr.Jart+. I've been a fans of basic makeup and in fact I collect it from eversince I start to like beauty stuffs. From all the makeup stuff that I have, I own lotsa concealer, BBCream, Compact powder. Why? because I'm so addicted with flawless skin!! So, when I got another BBCream I was so curious on how this baby gonna work for me. Shall we?

I love BBCream than foundation because they claim to be more friendly with acne-prone skin and much lighter. This V7 Beauty Balm claims to have perfect protection from UV/UB, Natural looking coverage and 7 Vitamins complexs ( A, B3, B5, C, E, F & H for anti-aging, brightening & restoring of your skin elasticity)

Just like the brand image, it focus on dermatology. Product come in plastic squeeze tube and consist of one shade (light beige) only which was a little to white for me. The texture itself is watery, light and easy to blend. It results is medium coverage but for me, one layer not enough, I usually apply two layers to at least conceal my redness, acne and some light acne scar / dark spot but then again, mustn't apply too much or I'll end up so white LoL, better use concealer. (I applies 2 layers on final result on picture below)

I like the result on my face. Its suitable for daily basis as its light and amazingly after I keep using it as daily basis, I think the 7vitamins works on me. My face becomes a little brighter, reduces some dark spots as it even my skintones and moreover, no breakout. Total yay!! The only thing that I dislike was the staying power. Don't know the exact since I wear it all day (about 9hours) but it fades so maybe some of you gonna need help from your face powder ^.^/ The oil control was quite good. It didn't make my face super oily, just a bit but I think its normal :)

Price wise, (IDR 488.000 / USD 488) its quite reasonable as it claims as premium beauty brand and if I think about the effect it gives to my skin it worth it for someone who have sensitive skin. And as far as I know usually we know have sensitive skin make-up are more expensive than the normal's lol (cmiiw)

Above were my before - after pics. Not much a change in my dark circle but it does make my dull skin looks brighter in healthier way :3

well, that's it! again, hope you enjoy reading it and hope it helps!  ^.^/