Yves Saint Laurent counter opening in LOTTE Shopping Avenue

October 29, 2013

On 27Oct I was invited to attend YSL's new counter opening in LOTTE Shopping Avenue along with another blogger friends, yay! Its a new mall and although it has open for months and near my campus I haven't been there before! So last week was me first's. The mall itself still not very crowded yet in which I'm totally in love ^.^/

The counter location itself near one of the mall entry and front row of the department store that made me easy to fine it! (I thought I was late and apparently no, lol). Its a small counter actually, but it seems complete, in my opinion. The even have space for the make-up demo!

The event, beside celebration of new opening counter and warm welcoming introduction of course, it has make-up demo by professional make-up artist, Mr. Gusnaldi! We're also served with yummy cupcakes and juice ^.^ ( kinda relieved my stress from the traffic DX )

What I like from Mr. Gusnaldi was that he knew that most girl love big eyes and try hard to make their eyes "pop-up" by using make-up by since we asian have smaller eyes, its better to embrace and enchance it using the proper eye colour, and have good experiment as well :) 

peek of what's inside the make-up case! dead want it!

Not to forget after the make-up demo. . . eye-candy time *_* I've always love YSL's classic and elegant packaging! some says it was old but for me somehow its so Parisian Classic Sexy and remind me of the old YSL's runway garment. Endless! :) and actually black&gold is the new black&white :o

Beside that, I always adore how the visual merchandiser arrange things. Every times I came or passed by the colours seems in great harmony and mega tempting *___*. Not only from the result, the colour when I apply it on my lip/nail, all were so expensively vibrant.

Well, that's all from me! thank you for inviting me, I had great time there mesmerizing the product and contemplating to buy or not while actually I should buy another fabric for my project T___T. Be sure to visit it when you came to LOTTE! ^.^