Dr. Jart+ CTRL-A Liquid Foam

October 30, 2013

At last, I'm back with another review ;_____; I really thankful that I bought wifi router that now I can put it on the dining room (the signal was powerful there) while I blog inside my cozy room with my oh-so-helpful mouse.

On this post I'll review about Korea's premium dermatologic brand;  Dr. Jart+ CTRL-A Liquid Foam that claims to be friendly with my type of skin, sensitive. Anyone with sensitive skin here? ^.^  well, me too! let's jump off to the detail shall we? :)

It came on a clear white plastic packaging with pump as the using system, underneath of the pump "lung" (cmiiw) they gave somekind of plastic lock which was useful if you wanna take it alongside with you on your travel. . . but sadly I lost mine LoL. Its not a cute packaging, more to serious and just like the brand's image, they focused on the dermatologist side

What I like about this product was their claims which was could be seen below;
"Suitable for Acne-Prone Skin"
"Dermatologist Tested" 
" Formula Added"

am not really good in ingredients things, but as fair as I remember, Salicylic Acid good for treating acne and blemishes *A*

The product texture was a little bit sticky and comes in milky white colours. It smells like mint and those aroma from when you enter the clinic or hospital (mega love the smell ^.^). There's not much foam like the usual face cleanser like we used to know, only little bit of it! well, maybe because of the 10 non added formula? according to what I got it was; Free of paraben, fragrances, artificial colors, mineral oils, benzophenone, triethanolamine, phthalates, talc, sulfate surfactant and propylene glycol. And plus, it was pH 5.5 (afaik it was the standard level for our skin pH)

And since it contains mint/menthol, I could feel a slight coolness when I use it, especially when I try to leave it like, 10sec? on the other side too, it dried my face that I need to slap more moisturizer than my usual's T^T

My impression on using this product for more than a months, it was so-so. When I used it for 2weeks I had break out O_O! I said to myself, "Oh maybe this, like the other dermatologic product! they kick those poisonous acne then heal it gradually" well. . . it did! it gradually calms the break-out but It after that? It didn't heal my acne completely, only prevent the big one :( Maybe I should finish the whole product for better result? finger crossed! :3

Would I re-purchased it? No. I prefer experimenting with another product <3 

Well, that's it from me ^.^/ For the CTRL-A varian here's the product list and the price list :3
* Drying Spot Corrector: Rp 378.000,-
* Sensitive Sun Protector: Rp 338.000,-
* Spot Out: Rp 338.000,-
* Soothing Moisturizer: Rp 348.000,-
* Clarifying Toner: RP 328.000,-
* Speedy Clear Serum: Rp 458.000,-
* Liquid Foam: Rp 338.000,-
* Spot Cover: Rp 298.000
* Beauty Balm: Rp 448.000,-