14 Day Challenge with Nestle Fitnesse

October 22, 2013

As a woman and design student who face so many hecticness, I use food to release my stress. It starts from since I enter my current major. I eat and eat especially during busy bee hours I can eat like once every 2hours! and result? I gain weight of course and lost my ideal body that I've got during my high school. Yeah, high school activity did a lot to me. I have chubby face but not for body. I can wear loose clothes but my waist still showed up! but now? its my fat T______T. When I saw my past photos I was like "Dammnnnnn! what had I doneeeee???"

Those 3picture above were during my high school and when my body shape still good, LoL, Especially the one I dressed up in Pink Lolita. See the white waistband? I can't even wear it now! 

And just recently I've just realized too, I need to lose weight for the sake of my graduation. I wanna walk with my S-Shape during the finale of the fashion show la! T__T no offense, it doesn't mean I dislike chubby people its just, for me, I think its the suitable body shape that I should obtain :) (and plus I save lots of fabric if I wanna make clothes for myself LMAO)

So, about a months ago I got this news from Nestle. The 14day challenge. "Challenge". I find it intriguing and a nice chance too. The challenge basically ask us to do a healthy routine. Things like eat nice and healthy food, work-out and sleep well.

Usually I start my diet with Lemon Detox, Work-out and eat less food but now, I discard the lemon detox as actually its not really good especially for someone who has stomach problem just like me. I replace it with Nestle's Fitnesse Cereal! it comes in 2flavour. Whole Wheat & Fruit and Whole Wheat.

It is low in calorie and healthy at the same time. I actually had start this diet about a week ago but failed since I had to go to Hong Kong and honestly it'll be burden for me to brought it but apparently they sell it there T____T!! and just realized it on the last day, dafoo!!

Although during that time I just start around a week, some friends and family members said that I was thinner O____O it works! I just follow their rule which was;
30g Nestle Fitnesse + 125ml low fat milk + fruits + tea/coffee
(I change the fruits, tea/coffee with water)

Balanced meal
(by means, I just choose what I like, LoL)

30g Nestle Fitnesse + 125ml low fat milk

I'm on my 8th days when I write this post and changing my breakfast and dinner to Nestle Fitnesse (I choosed the plain one, btw cox I don't really like dried fruit. Except, if I want something sweet) makes me feels healthy and motivated! I mean, just knowing that I took care of how much calorie I consume on breakfast and dinner, I also aware of what I eat during noon. I don't eat too much anymore. Enough is enough for the sake of healthy body!

For the milk I also choosed the one that low in calorie like you see on the picture below :) I realized that eventhough I only consume 30g for breakfast but strangely it made me full until noon O___O! that's why I even sometimes just eat fruit of just drink tea during my noon break :\

I also start a little bit of exercise like, I use stair instead of elevator. I tuck in my belly (it works! did this during my high school for a month and my belly came out flat!). I do sit up for 5set (20x each set) and some stretching :3

So for me, its only about a week left. Finger crossed that I can lose weight and continue this healthy routine! It reminds me of my high school time when I was obsessed with healthy muscle XD!!