Dr. Jart+ V7 Multivitamin for Brighter Skin

September 11, 2013

About couple week ago I was invited to attend the product launching of Dr. Jart+ V7 Multivitamin for brighter skin. A premium beauty brand from Korea! I once saw it but not really look into it since . . . I just passed by LoL but anyway this event was good chance for me la! thanks so much mba Indah <33

The concept of Dr. Jart+ quite unique. Jart+ not the name of the founder but instead, J (his initial) combined with "art". From what I got, its like beauty was form of art for the founder, especially with good skincare. Dr. Jart+ was more focused to skincare although, they do have BBCream line!

Well, put that aside and talk about what I saw!
Just as my blog title, this line was for brighter skin. For he/she that would like to heal their dull and spot on faces. It consists of Toner, Emulsion, Spot, Serum and BBCream. This line more to dermatologist as there're alcohol and fragrance free plus, for all type of skincare, both women and men!! sounds amazing, no?

There's also talkshow and Q&A session for us blogger and media. They invited Dr. Kevin Maharis (Aesthetic Physician) to explain how the skin's work and the suitable kind of product. He also suggest to the male listener that its better to use female's skincare rather than male! as some male product too strong even for their target market (this I believe -_-a I have male friends that has super baby skin, better than mine)
John Kim (Overseas Sales Team Manager), Dr. Kevin Maharis (guest speaker, an aesthetic physician), and Vera Liono (Brand Manager Dr. Jart+ Indonesia), 

And of course like most of the event I ever attended, they had make-up demo! good session to know more about their product! product used were Toner, Emulsion, Spot, Serum and BBCream from the V7 line (in order) and what I realized (super late, doh!) It only come in one shade. I think its the neutral for the korean :(

Overall from the event I learned that Dr. Jart+ really care about their consumers' skin. It could be seen from the non alcohol and fragrance and all skin type moreover, I saw some line product for "Sensitive Skin" ^ ^. Especially this V7 line, they claim its good for us who have a very hectic routine . . . (ok that's me lol). 

For those who're curious about the price and product. Its available in your nearest Watson, Lotte Shopping Mart, Matahari Taman Anggrek and SOGO Alam Sutra :). Here's the price list for the V7 product line:
* V7 Turnover Booster (Toner): Rp 508.000,-
* V7 Renewal Serum: Rp 638.000,-
*V7 Relief Vita Drop (Emulsion): Rp 458.000,-
*V7 Vitacream (Spot treatment): Rp 578.000,-
*V7 Beauty Balm (Make Up): Rp 488.000,-

*Photo courtesy of Dr. Jart+ (I do brought my camera but sadly not the MMC _ _v)