Spark Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Rockfeller New York

August 26, 2013

Hello guys! just as the title said. Today I'll be sharing my design for Spark Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Rockfeller New York. Its one of my college subject called Managing and this semester the Fashion Business student and Fashion Design Student were mixed in one class! So its like there's some sort of collaboration. 

I was in group that consist of 4Business student and I'm the designer alone (where in fact the rest of group got 2designer)! Kinda panic at first, I'm not that sociable type but luckily no problem in the end and we did the presentation quite good ^.^/ 

Anyway, let's down to work! Spark was ready-to-wear fashion brand created by Reny Martha, one of the business student in my group. It was inspired by gossip girl's Blair Waldorf where she was so classic but yet fashionable too at the same time. Tell you what, I thought Blair was so classic that its gonna be hard for me. I love fabric more than design, honestly. But apparently I was wrong! after done google searching about her luckily she really fashionable. Like, wearing crazy colour or motives <33 data-blogger-escaped-.="" data-blogger-escaped-span="">

And since Blair was from New York, we took some places as inspiration and try to imagine what to wear there. For Spring/Summer we have Central Park while Rockfeller for our Fall/Winter.

We were told to create 10look whether its Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter, its up to us. But since, again, I'm better in fabric execution than designing, we end up producing the Fall/Winter where I choose dark, edgy fabric motives (according to my lecturer, LoL) that's better than our Spring/Summer swatches where I gave just plain colour ==''

Well, anyway, here's some of my favourite piece! ^.^/ (click to enlarge it if you wanna see the fabric motives :3 )

Model: Aygulya Isangulova (Perfect10)
Make-up Artist & Hair-do: Chell Sanjaya
Photographer: Digo Budi Milyarwan
Media Design (Cover/Background/Lookbok): Anastasia Delia Liando
Design & Production: Stephanie Vheii
Styling: Putri CK & Cindy Kasim

*ps: remember my previous post about the Clark styling competition? I won the favourite one!