Help me vote for CLARKS Styling competition!

August 06, 2013

Yooha! still remember me last post about my latest activity? 
This was one of them!
I joined the CLARKS Styling competition and collab with other student from other majors too ^ ^

The styling competition mission, was of course to promote CLARKS shoes in Indonesia, BUT! in form of slice of life photography, and because of that and time given were too short plus they want one male and female inside the picture our team decided to ask help from one of our couple friends to show their lovey dovey, lol.

We're ask to had styling for 3themes; casual, working and dress-to-show. Quite daily, no? :)
here's the entry photograph from our team <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">



Dress to Show

Photographer: Weldy Rhadiska
Stylist: Stephanie (me) and Yessica Gunawan
Make-up Artist: Chell Sanjaya
Model: Sharen Kurniawan and Vander
Wardrobe and Accessories: Model's own

and one of the judging method were public or social media votes!

So, your support were needed here! the voting period was so so so short, its only till 10August which is, this week! go vote for me now! X3 you can vote for 3themes! mine was group 5 XD~

This was my first ever competition during my college, joining this competition was so much fun and hectic. I also learn many things at the same time and still should learn again! coz in my opinion there're so many good photograph and styling! wish I had another facebook account so I could vote for the others #iskickbyteammembers

anyway, wish me luck ;)
hope can give you some good news after the judging result on 16August!