Seriously MIA '__________'

July 19, 2013

So just like the title said I'm was and in seriously MIA! sorry for abandoning this blog T___T well actually not only my blog but I start to rarely update my instagram and even my twitter! bad, worse, yes? well actually for college, this semester was supposed to my not to packed but I decided to be more active in activity beside campus' like joining some competition and I'm planning to start my own fashion line! (finger crossed I could make it this year <3 would like to make womenswear for college student and working lady!) Hopefully this year gonna be my last year and graduate successfully next year! 

I'm not abandoning this blog 'kay? T__T I'll try to update it during my holidays or when I got some spare time LoL. Many draft post on my blog, whadda bad bad blogger I am m_ _m. Well, I don't online from home anymore tho, just from school and my phone LoL. 

Well, anyway toodle do! that's just a short update from me!