Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

May 15, 2013

Anyone with dry skin? if yes, put your hands up duh~ then fellas! we're on the same boat eh! its so irritating no? especially not only our face but our body too. At first I though its because I didn't took care of my skin on my teen and hence I have bad skin but apparently I got it from my dad LoL both dry and sensitive but lucky me, my skin not as sensitive as dad's. Its kinda fun when sometimes I use certain skincare product that related with dry and sensitive skin dad also try on those LoL

And now it came to this, the Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel that I purchased some time ago and ends up I'm not the one who use it routinely instead, my dad LoL. It was cheap and I heard it was Korea's No. 1 product. Quite tempting. Well anyway, let's hop to the product!

As you can see, it comes in rounded green plastic packaging and for its' content in my opinion, quite much. I think with this much and if I use it diligently it will last about 4-6months. From the cover itself, it already explain the product plus, can you see the sign on the bottom right? as far as I remember its an approval sign the California farmers that it uses organic material

Twist to open and we could see that its a clear gel texture. Not sticky, quite watery in my opinion! I can feel how moisturized the product are when I applied it ^.^/ (feels like playing ice cube on hand then when it melted, I have soaked hand LoL ) and when I saw the colour and texture it reminds me of Aloe Vera extract that grandma used to pick  from her own Aloe Vera plant

And here's the product content and claims! well, I could spot perfume and alcohol in which no good for sensitive skin. Well but actually nothing happened to my sensitive skin tho but since my dad's skin more sensitive than mine, I should bear with his complain about redness on his hand --a

Not only for skin, it has 8ways to use (include for skin lol) you can see form the picture  above and I had try some of them ^.^/

Relax Swollen Eyes - Used it as eyemask by using cotton pad. It moisturized my tired eyes and lessen the puffiness
Base Make-up -  Once I tried to mix it with my BBCream by 2:1 and guess what, my BBCream lose it's coverage, boo boo! and plus it made my skin oily leh -.-
Hair Treatment, Nail Essence and Body Care - yep, it moisturized them but as for body didn't last long about couple of hour then my skin dry again la!

And I think there's more way in using this one. Fun is we can DIY it. Some blogger even use it as lip care by mixing it with their favourite lip tint, or their eyelash care O_o (should try this one but haven't find a clean lash/mascara applicator!)

So in summary, I just feel so-so toward this product. Its good because of its versatile and cheap price but its' claim? for me, no. I prefer some other product that can moisture my skin for more than 2hours as I stay in Air-Conditioned room almost the whole day on my weekday :/