Makarizo La Belleza Eterna Hair Fashion Festival 2013 - The Uniquely Chocolate Sensation

April 02, 2013

By fashion, it doesn't mean always and always clothes. Hair and beauty does count too, they made trend and luckily I got the chance to join Makarizo's Hair Fashion Festival La Belleza Eterna (French for Eternal Beauty) last saturday! (well actually I envy my model friend who got the hair-do from the foreign hairstylist) 

Who didn't know Makarizo? I bet even though you don't know the name you know the product. Its been here for such a long time its a recommended product And now, they intended to introduce us the benefit of chocolate to our beautiful  gifted tiara. Most girl love chocolate, no? its ours best companion during happy or sad  
Held in one of the family mall in Jakarta, which is Mall Taman Anggrek . For one week they welcomed us to see the exhibition, demo, promotion and let us know more about Makarizo brand itself (which was I just realized, so many of them!) Local artist also participated in the talk show and entertain the visitors  I got the invitation for "The Uniquely Chocolate Sensation" which introduced the use of dark chocolate for our hair with explanation by some expert like Dr. Emilia Achmadi (Nutritionist), Ferina Hartanti (Product Manager) and the newly debut singer Ariel Tatum's experience in using the Makarizo Texture Experience. 

Greeted by the funny MC whose name I don't know (sorry, mas! but I do enjoy the way you entertain us ) and nice song by Ariel Tatum ft Alfa then definitely the very first reason of why we came. The talk show!   I'll  try to summarize it . So Basically, of course, it's about chocolate. Which you like? Chocolate Candy? or Real Chocolate? 

The different is that;
  1.  Chocolate Candy -  Just as its' name. So! sweet! less than 60% of the real chocolate. Sweets than we buy on the market. Our best friends and enemy. LoL (it makes us happy and fat at the same time)
  2. Real Chocolate - Or know as Dark chocolate since it contains more than 70% of the real chocolate. It benefits our body as it contains anti-oxidants, mood and. . . my most fav chocolate  (believe it or not whenever I feel so stressed, I ate 99% which no sweet but bitter LoL)
Real Chocolate is what inside the Makarizo Texture Experience Chocolate Hair Message Cream! it claims as natural hair food in which it let our hair get enough nutrient to make it more shiny, soft, healthy and yummy er. . . I mean smell nice LoL. To prove it, they even have the live demo hair message using the product! go to Hanny's blog she even recorded it! or the Makarizo official website  They also have quiz for us, the blogger and the lucky winner got set of Texture experience. Imagine it, engulf by the chocolate scent  plus a pic taken together with the beautiful Ariel Tatum! for real, she's so beautiful from almost every angle. If may, would like to spam this post with her pic la! LoL 

Over? No laa! why go home when there's so much thing to see? I took some tour on the venue with my fellow blogger friends and bought/repurchase some product that attract me. They also had the hair identifying service. There, you can consult your hair, know type of it and the BA even recommend some product that suitable for your hair . Another service was free body scrub if you buy the Textile Experience Body Scrub products! Below I list down some product that I found during the event  
with Marsha and the preggo soon mom-to-be Hanny 

(click to enlarge. Picture credits to

My first Makarizo product! well, actually I had my first rebonding on junior high in which I'm still oh so manly not girly at all. All I remember were the logo of the product, when I saw this product during the even I was like  people who knew me, knew that I only straighten my hair twice and it turned my weedy hair to natural straight like current's! THIS! the product! when I cosplay without any wig, people often mistaken my natural hair as wig because of the straightness 

and of course I don't forget to take pic of what I bought/got during the event. I think my depressed hair will get enough pampering time this upcoming holiday. So much thanks Makarizo!  Soon to be review 

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