Tiny Little Scented Collection

March 22, 2013

Hello dear! so have you head about Bath and Body Work (BBW)? especially their pocketbag that have  variation of scent! It seems that it has become a huge trend right now. Most friends of mine didn't just buy one but the collect it even to the rare edition.

And as because my friends has poisoned me with their's I bought mine for IDR 22.000 (its on sale actually, normal price was IDR 25.000 but for some rare one the can cost IDR 35.000++ O_o).
Anyway, here/s some picture spam of it! 

Since I bought 12 of it I open the Black Pearl and Pink Chiffon (one for home while another I put it in my pouch). Some scent could be so soft and sweet while some...? weird and even could smell like mbak-mbak LoL

Tube shaped and squeeze to use. Quite handy! and some online shop sell the case too. It actually not only some scented things but as for the pocketbag it also as anti-bacterial (or maybe in Indo we named it Antis? LoL) amazingly too, the scent last longer than I expected. About 3-4hours. At first I thought this cheap-like thing's scent only last few seconds after being apply. Sorry m_ _m

What made it interesting, IMO the name!

Here's what I bought;
Ocean Man, Black Pearl (2), Warm Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Noel, Pink Diamond, Candy Cane Bliss, Fresh Picked Apple, Pink Chiffon, Vanilla Berry Sorbet, Caribbean Escape.
(and yes I love vanilla the most!!)

As for size it smaller than my BB, that's also one of the reason why I said, its so handy :3