Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick

January 19, 2013

Heyla people! how have are you guys? me? definitely not very fine. Its flooding here in Jakarta, many suffer here and for me, fortunately I live in apartment but some activity were dispensed due to weather condition! I mean, I've scheduled myself on what to do every week and now it ruined  no effect for me right now but eventually I'll be lack of sleep next week and so on! Clumsy me left my work at campus and taraaaah suddenly flood come 

But anyway, rather than I keep on rambling and rambling on my clumsiness better I find another things to do, no? so, I'm gonna review some lip product again! been addicted to it lately. Especially the super red colour, colour like Snow White's . But of course I don't wear that everyday la! prefer something natural 

I love natural make-up as honestly, I don't have that flawless face. So I prefer those kind of things to trick people LoL #iskickedfaraway 

Therefore today I'm gonna review this Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick Cream . Everybody know Revlon especially the one that I'm reviewing right now. Look at the packaging, I'm pretty sure that this packaging (but with different product code) have been there for ages. My mother's a big fan of Revlon while I think, its a brand for lao tai tai #iskickedagain 

But there's no wrong in trying no?

As for packaging, it comes in black sleek tube with the brand's name in gold background on the middle. Classy, not boring but for me it looks old

Product's code on the down part. Mine's 415 - Pink in The Afternoon. Looks like pale pink, eh?

And clear plastic case on top so you can take a pick of the colour. Oh, did I mention this packaging look old? hmm. . . I suddenly think that if the colour was anything in red tone. Its gonna look sexy. For real . . .

The whole look of the packaging. Comes in small amount but that's enough la for me. I don't need to reapply it again and again. The staying power quite good. I once wear it when I went to Bandung with friends. I only reapply in 2times in a day! it fades when I eat or drink but still, not completely gone

I had used it several times so the shape not that good but gimme credit since I try to keep the original shape up till now LoL and yes, cream textured just like it's name

Swatches on hand 
without flash
I need 2-3swipe to let the colour come out. without flash the colour look so old and yes, just like the picture said. You can see that its not moisture enough

with flash
cute natural pink 

swatches on my lip
bare lip. looks so dry and chappy >__<

2swipe without flash
with flash

Overall I love the result. It looks old when I swatched it on back side of my hand but eventually turns out good on my lip! natural warm pink O____O sad is it dried my lip even when I already apply lip balm beforehand, be sure to have healthy lip first LoL. Cream finishing, quite pigmented for me :) .

I categorize this lips as my "must-in-pouch" since it comes in handy and again, because of the colour. It doesn't look so fake in me  ( I mean, when I use red lipstick everyone know its a lipstick LoL)