Brown Escapist

January 12, 2013

and so, about few days ago before I enter college I decided to re-colour my hair. Aim for dark grey colour but since its too hard to achieve in my saloon, black no problem la 
 Coz colourful hair need to be treat nicely no? re-colour the root every 3-4months. As you know previously I had this brown ombre (dark brown to light brown). I changed my mind in the middle of the process. Instead of all black, why don't I keep some light brown too? for me, it looks fascinating as when I tie my hair I have different hair colour! surprise no? 

So, here's the before and after! 

Last selcas before I said anyong to my light brown ombre :( 
will colour it like this next time! 

roots about an inch or two. noticeable

blonde, brown, golden? those tone exist there 
I love this colour especially the downpart

after few hours

I left the innerpart light brown! looks like highlight


nearer look of it
somehow it reminds me of Koda Kumi's and Namie Amuro's old hair colour! 

for everyday look. normal yes yes?
feels like this hair kinda like chameleon LoL

and yuup~ that's it about my hair LoL. Hope you enjoy it, people