January 12, 2013

Its a so so so late post for 2013 but at last I got the chances to touch my laptop! this time not because I'm busy but I encountered some error :( but anyway. . .

Happy (late) New Year!


I have my own domain now!
its call
Pastello Rivoluzione !
(italian for Pastel Revolution)

Choose that name because in my opinion, pastel colour characteristic were soft, gentle and almost invisible and I think its gonna be fun to add revolution since it also means "change" in certain way, Plus this blog is about me, no? I don't refer myself as soft, truth is if you get to know me better, I'm loud, rude, frank (even friends said I will never marry to someone LoL!!). This blog, again, more like a progress note too :D.

 I decided to get more serious in blogging, unlike before I was just like "oh ya, oh well. Will update if there's more leisure time leh" I decide to update my blog once a week. Kinda hard, honestly but support me please!! >___< !

I announced it so late because there's some error like I can't use neither the nuffnang comment box nor disqus (sad la, I had their android application ;____;) so I decided to blogger's default comment blog. As for the layout, I choose this simple one to prevent long loading. Sorry~~~ there's nothing cute here except my face! :3 hahaha no la, if you see my bare face will get another goosebump LoL

so! tootle-dee~ stay tune and never get bored of me!