Signature Style?

December 28, 2012

wheeeheeee~ back with another random post! just like what the Mr. Title said! its about your signature style. Whether you hang-out with friends, at work/colleagues, realize it or not, there's must be something that tells "oh! its (your name) style" or "so your trademark ah!" I'll share mine ^___^ lemme know what's your's la hahaha!

1. Denim Lace Jacket! My most favourite! I usually wear it when I need extra warmth but at the same time, wanna look good too! :) I bet my college friend see this so often. Once when they wanna buy some denim fabric they even said "hey, u want buy those fabric? what colour la? the usual that vheii wore??" when in fact actually I don't wear it when she said so LoL

See the lace details? although its denim fabric, with combination and placement of lace in suitable place made it stylish >w< feels like an up-to-date bussy-woman  and simple-classic too LoL. The colour kinda wash out and the lace too, torn out on some place but again, the more I look at it the more I think, "it's unique bok!!"

2. Variety of Jeans! Regular one with some flower details on the pocket, beading, colourful jeans, printed jeans. I rarely wear short/cropped pants cuz I'm not confident with my leg. fat fat fat T__T. I (especially lately) prefer play with colour and pattern. Totally become different and give confident too :). My current hobby is collecting coloured jeans. From bold to pastel colours <33

3. Matching Colours. Between bag-shoes-hair. But usually Bag and Shoes. I don't like wearing just one colour but adding colour could be difficult too as I think it looks weird if those one colour stand alone, no friend plus, it could look "maksa" but look dead too if I only use one colour LoL. So I just match my shoes and bag colour :D. It ends up doesn't look monotone >w< accessories helps too! :)