Lip On Lip Nourishing Lipstick and Pure Lip

December 22, 2012

Hello people, I'm back to review stuff again! miss me ma? LoL
Today gonna post about Lip on Lip! a local brand that brought to you by Rohto. Got this when I attended the SkinAqua event. So, enough babbling and let's start, no? :) (btw, I combine the swatches. Can be seen at the end of review)

First comes the Lip on Lip Watercolour Nourishing Lipstick
Let's see what it claims :)

It claims to keep the lip's natural moisture with the Active Aquasphere. With addition of Meadowfoam Seed Oil to keep it soft. Plus there's UV protector to protect the lip from Sun's radiation and Vitamin-E as Antioxidant!  Healthy no? No fragrance! It smells like your regular lipstick :) (which I hate LoL)

The Packaging, just like any other simple and affordable drug store make-up and we mostly have seen. Simple and slim at the same time. Good in saving place inside your make-up pouch if you're someone like me, who 'throw' whatever make-up that I love for daily basis inside her make-up pouch LoL

As for colour I got Strawberry Red. At first I thought it gonna be somewhat red-pinkish (with majority of red colour) but eventually, no. Just like its name, Lip on Lip Watercolour Nourishing Lipstick. It turns out like watercolour that contains too much water O___O hence the colours become so... thin-like or sheer-finish. Not pigmented, ya well. . . good for daily basis, imo especially for those school/college/office that have no heavy-make-up regulation (lol did that even exist? XD;;)

I just realized recently that it contains shimmer! but again, doesn't give much effect when on lip :/. The staying power doesn't last long. It vanish easily when you eat, gentle tissue rub hence should re-apply it every 1hours but since I'm too lazy I just re-apply it when I need to meet someone or when taking a photos XD;; (lazy la)

(click to enlarge)

Here's the swatches and as you can see the colour turns out so sheer and its useless to swipe it 4times. 2-3times enough la as because it doesn't give any changes T__T it just make the lip even more glossy LoL. I honestly don't know where the rest of the colour go. Several swipe don't have any different but its kinda thick on my tissue when I erase it


Next, the Lip on Lip Pure Lipbalm that remind me of my first lipbalm that auntie gave me but not this brand la ^^;;. Let's she what I claims!

With foodgrade ingredient and beeswax (yay!) even your sensitive lip can handle it! plus it contains Shea Butter Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Grape Seed and Vitamin E. Looks like all the important things for healthy lip here eh :3 without any doubt this one made it to my "must-bring list" (I have a very very extra dry, chappy lip. I rarely drink water and stay on air-conditioned room! can imagine how sick my lip no? LoL well, that's happen during college day >___>)

Again, a very simple packaging, glass-tube which I said, cheap look! but even the packaging reminds me of my first lipbalm. Its a healthy product that even a child can use but be sure to decorate it with something or your child will end-up dislike it, thinking of it like some "ew I don't want that pain-killer" >> That's what I said actually, when I got mine when I was junior high =))

Clear solid coloured. Creamy texture and of course glossy finish (not too glossy ya. I mean the moisturize lip glossy). I kinda like the smell. Well, its no a smell that most girl like, it smells like Ricolas' Candy in Lemon Flavour or that what you call "obat batuk" but I love those kind of smell, its healthy >__<. Staying power? just like it's friend .____. But I don't mind re-applying this one since its no a lipstick! (for the sake of healthy lips) I recommend you to bring this when you're on your winter trip to another country. I once suffer from skin condition and ended-up like a snake-who-just-have-a-peeling-treatment and this kind of things help! I apply not only on my lip, but the skin area around it too, just to give it extra moisture due to the dryness T___T


aaaaaaaand lastly, just like what I said earlier. I put the swatches at the end of the post since I combined both of it. You'll know why after you see this la :/

(click to enlarge)

No different T___T I drank much water during this holiday since I realize how dry my skin have become when college day and the result clearly can be seen on my lip first. Not very chappy like it usually does. That's why, in my opinion if you have healthy lips already don't bother to buy both since both also keep your lip moisture except, Pure Lip give EXTRA moisture! :)

Well, that's it! hope it helps! :D
BTW, it almost christmas!! christmas song everywhere and anytime. It make my happy to know I can enjoy this year's christmas :) Be sure to enjoy your holiday before back to your lovely hellish day! LoL