Just a Little Fun! :D

December 17, 2012

Hiya people!! I'm back back back back!! at last after hmm. . . lesse *scroll to blogupdate* MONTHS O_O! am finally back! its my winter break (okay, no winter but we name it like that since we followed the canadian curriculum lol) well. . . not really a holiday cuz I did some mistake on my paper and should re-submit it tomorrow but anyway! holidays near :D

For those who followed my twitter account might knew that I (most of time) whining on how much I wanna sleep, have fun, refreshing, etc etc . . . yes! its due to my hectic assignment and my snail speed on working LoL not only me, but my classmates too, lack of sleep. We slept like only 3-4hours a day or even no at all >____<

Maybe some thought that we couldn't have fun and yes its halfly true. But its not that hectic tho, we can still listen to music in our class LoL. Just use one laptop and open youtube, let one person be the DJ and voila! we listened to various kind of music from our grandparent's generation to ours, from classic to house mix and not to forget the famous Gangnam Style :D we also came across some Gangnam Parody LoL XD its so hilarious that I wanna share it on my blog :p

Hongdae Style

Super Kampong Style

Miko Style aka Miss Korea Style (lololol)

Gangnam Style - Fantastic Baby. Jokiwi-Ahok

Ok, Ciaoz baby! hope you. . . enjoy it lalala XD~
Tell me which's your fav kaaay :D