Skin Aqua Beauty Talk!

October 27, 2012

Hello people! I'm back with another beauty event report :) bare with me, my dear, since I can't post any review until December. I pull all my review activity to when I'm not on hectic moment! (in which I lack of sleep, drank too much coffee and red bull. It'll be a waste no? if I try those product while I'm not taking care of myself O_O!!)

Let's us move to the event, yes? Held in Fx's Tartine on 16Oct. It was so close from my campus <3! Since the event start 6PM, luckily Gabby arrived early with her boyfie (nice to meet you Pat ^___^) then we decided to fill-up our hungry stomach with some snack until we met the other bloggers and walked together to the venue!

K', this time I'll write about a Beauty Talk with Skin Aqua! bet we skincare junkies gonna love it :). Skin Aqua by Rohto (also the one who brought Hada Labo to Indonesia, thank you!!) known for its Daily UV Skincare cream that provide us with High Hydration too! It claimed to be No. 1 in Japan O___O wow! it must be that good since it was a brave statement and usually statement from Japanese brand was promising (especially for Asian Skin, yay ^__^) 

Sorry for the blurry and lack of picture! still no good taking picture in dark place >__< sad la can't take much, I like the venue since its quite suitable place to gather around after day of tiring activity in campus :)

They kindly offered us to take some food/trying the Skin Aqua product/Skin Test (my another fav part! haha!) before starting the main event. Thank you, I can charge my energy there and get used of the venue first ^___^ <3

Our main start today :D came in 4variant. Choose carefully for you skin, dear! :) here's some new things that I found during this event. Ya, well, I knew it already Skin Aqua been here like 2years ago and I tried it too. Compare to the one I tried years back then, the texture kinda hard and not so moisture like the current O_O. With this kinda of watery texture it definitely hydrate my skin <3

Another product that could be swatches; our local lipstick and lipbalm Lip on Lip!! moisturized the lips and gave out natural colours :) 

not to forget about the Skin Check! bloggers were so anticipating about it ^__^ so many queue that made me gossiping and take product picture with another bloggers! LoL 
using this rounded machine (dunno what's the name la LoL) the inside surrounded by tons of white light >___< 

so many bloggers had their skin-checked, yet the lady so patient enough to explain all our curiosity and worry. wanna see the truth about your face? go get one! just be sure don't wear make-up when having a skin-check or you'll not get your actual result

and at last the event start! introduction about the Skin Aqua and some Fashion tips from an editor of our local famous magazine ^__^

Here's the summary of what they told us :)!

Eventhough in Japan, the sun not as cruel (lol) as Indonesia's the women there really took cautious about it! Since sunblock was kinda sticky and heavy (although it last long) some didn't moisture our skin! so that's why Rohto came out with ideas of something more light like water, can maintain skin moisture and protect skin from UV-A and UV-B at the same time! :) It contains;
1.  SPF and PA+++ that doubled up protection from UV-A and UV-B (PA-nya plus 3 bok, mad love!!)
2. Collagen that maintain skin's elasticity
3. Hyaluronic Acid that moisturize the skin
4. Non-Sticky

That's the wrap up of the event! ^__^ hope you enjoy it and learn new things just like me LoL :) thank you mas Dien (the PR) who contacted me and remind me about the event and Rohto for taking care of us during that day >___<

Well then, until next time peoples :*