LUX Dazzling White Event

September 29, 2012

Hello again people~ ^__^ back with another event report. Well actually I wanna do some lookbook post or review post but silly me I forgot to upload those pics first (for uploading, I always use my campus' connection HARHARHAR) so, this comes first! LoL

Well, anyway I was invited and the event itself was held during weekdays! hectic hectic but luckily class over sooner than the usual, next day's work done already and I can meet with some blogger that I haven't meet again since the last time we met ^__^

The event was held at Dharmawangsa Hotel 6PM. So lucky enough it nears my campus and I arrived there before the event start. That made me can chit-chat and introduces myself with other blogger that I haven't meet before! 

Warning, I brought disturbing big bag that day that's why most picture quality kinda blurred LoL and pardon my messy look! but hope you still can enjoy it! :)

Start from the entrance, the grandhall of Dharmawangsa Hotel!
So pretty, ne? especially the table lamp. Princess likey <3 

Not forget to take pics haha ^__^ dresscode on that day were white

For this time product, LUX have 6dazzling inspirational women as their brand ambassador :) which was; Stella Rissa (Fashion Designer), Fitria Yusuf (Fashion Entrepreneur), Andra Alodita (Photographer and Lifestyle Blogger), Alanda Kariza (Youth Activist), Lala Karmela (Singer)

food before they start the event! nice timing, so tired and hungry since I came straight from campus! need to recharge my energy xixixi

inside the main event took place venue! whadda good work no? its really resemble the new LUX :)

you can catch glance of LUX soap bar and the bottle cover in beautiful crystal. they collaborated with Preciosa, crystal maker company from Czech whose been famous for their crystal and decorating skills in fashion house and famous palace! see the dazzle of the crystal? yaaa~ just like the event title, no? dazzling white lol

so, move on to the main event. basically this event filled with introduction of the new LUX that gonna be in store 15oct. Ms. Roslina (physiologist) explained that most women became more confident and precious when their skin were brighter. That's result in good social life and career. while Ms. Afriani said being attractive can be a women's power, more confident in doind things. this can be a goal, good moment that can be names as dazzling moment too! more like a mind set, imo

aaaand taraaaaaah here's the new LUX! came in 2variant. sadly I only received one type on where I sat, LoL. Lux White Glamour that consist of crystal! helps in exfoliate our skin and keeps its' moisture. scent of lily, jasmine, musk and vanilla made it sounds so elegant o____o!! while Lux White Radiance consist of Pearl that make skin brigther and with the scent of freesia, citrus, and amber. strong eh? both produt have same ingredient like, Triple Ingredient System (mulberry, honey, pearl/crystal) and rose! healthy and sounds so princess!!! ♥♥♥

relax, its not so boring event. they also communicate with us la, not blindly explain about their new product. can be bored, no? they also let us shared our dazzling moment along side with the brand ambassador of this new product :)

I personally should thanks this one cuz when I wrote my own dazzling moment, I flashback a little and realized that I should be thankful (fyi, I wrote "I feel so dazzling when I'm being inspired and inspired in things I do. it feels like new inspirations and social range keeps on expanding!"

I'm thankful cuz its happen not only once! but almost everytime when I meet/work/collab with my blogger friends, community, schoolmates :)

not to forget, they group pics! thanks so much Lux and blogger friends! I learn new things there! ∩__∩

1. group picture taken from Letvia Hasanah
2. don't forget to wacth their new promotional videos!
3. share your dazzling moment with Lux and get cool prize such as crystal necklace from Preciosa and Holiday Cruise! (more infos; @LUX_ID or
4. will super rarely update my blog ~T_T~ this term assignment kinda crazy leh, can't adjust the time