Lancome Blogger Make-up Duel

September 25, 2012

Heyla people! on 21st September I was invited to Lancome's blogger make-up duel event that was held on Mall Taman Anggrek on 11AM! between Carnelline and Hanna. As beauty blogger know, both were good for their blog content. Review, make-up tutos, etc. The event itself introduce the new Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara. At last it came to Indonesia *__* I know about it during my first semester of college which was. . . last year? the ads seems tempting haha. Since Lancome wanna introduce the Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara, it became the duel theme on that day. Hanna and Carnelline will have a make-over for the Lancome's lady with the help of the Lancome's make-up artist. So basically, they work together as a team-mate to create the amazing look they desired ^__^

okay, less talk, since I'm lazy LoL. So let the picture explain haha!

The blogger and their model :)
left: Carnelline
right: Hanna

Both looks gorgeous eh? the vote itself was kinda tight, almost equal for both ^__^ well, its just the matter of taste, imo but good job girls! :) congrats Carnelline! About the eyes make-up, even from far I can see how they concentrate on the eyes especially the lashes! at first I didn't believe the Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara work that great but when I saw it closely. . . yeah, it real good O__O okay, although not as dramatical as falsie LoL *iskick

In the closing of the event, we were entertain by this mad gorgeous Russian ballerina. Haha, sound so lebay eh coz I say mad gorgeous?! XD well, I always like the Russian, Latin, Eurasian people. Their eyes, I mean, so doll and unique!

and of course, nice figure too! her face remind me of the twiggy look form the late 60s/70s ^__^

well, that's the short wrap up, guys! thank for the time blogger and Lancome! see you next time :) can't wait for the final round haha! here, to end this post I'll post this vain pict of mine. Looks like bimbo nyasar ROFL XD