21st Birthday

October 21, 2012

So, yesterday was 20 Oct and it was my 21st birthday (and yes I'm one of the lucky birthday girl when it was 20-10-2010 :p) ! Thank you for all the wishes, present, prayers and surprise. Feel so loved and blessed! Time sure flies eh? I've been living for 21years loh! many up and down on my life but to be able to live and survive from all the trouble and blessed even more every single day, that's great already :) seems to simple eh? but really in my opinion, to be able to live and value time is the most important things. Its a blessing from Him :)

The first thing I did when the clock struck 12AM, I took a little time in my bedroom, sit calmly and said my prayer. Its funny, to be honest since I'm not like that before. I realize that ever since I entered college I slowly change. I prepare myself for my future  of course!!) and value my time more with our creator :) I try to remind myself about the SECRET (a really recommended book :3) well, basically it said to be thankful for every single thing, even the bad one, even the smallest one and plan good thought on ourselves. By that way we can live in peace and feel even more blessed :3

Well, anyway, move on to my activity on that day ya? feels like wanna blog about it, its so precious la! hahaha :D

On that day I had make-up class from college since we'll have a national holiday on the upcoming Friday. I don't expect much really, since our class were in hectic, so many assignment bok x____x being wish "Happy Birthday" is enough for me. It was all normal until when it was lunch time when a friend asked me whether or not I wanna eat. Ya of course la! I'm on high appetite!! LoL!! so we decided to go to the nearest market to buy some instant noodle, rice, potato LoL not healthy eh? but that's what we usually eat when we're short of time.

Then when we walked back, something from far far far far *iskick* er no, I mean something flew from the first floor (fyi, most student enter from the ground floor door but we can also enter from the first floor, there's small stair near the ground entrance and a balcony like) and 3friends suddenly appear in front of me, threw flour at me with oh-their-so-happy-and-satisfied-and-witty-face lololol XD and when I looked up, there's another friends with my lecturer flush me with coffee plus flour too.

So Shocked la!! apparently they planned it from Wednesday already!! aaaa!! you guuuysss!! =)) even they consulted with my lecturer about it. Really, KELAS NAKAL YA (naughty class) ^___^ HAHAHA!! 

I'm being "bully" in front of my college building and luckily its Saturday!! HA! with those messy look coz of flour and coffee no worry for me to clean my hair and feet in front of college with the tap water LoL even the security and cleaning service laugh hard LoL Here's some picture of it LoL

I can't even look at the camera! and when I saw my hair colours plus my cloth, It like you guys were bathing a cute cute ultra cute puppy ROFLMAO. MANDI DEPAN KAMPUS BOK BOK BOK >O< YOU GUYS REALLY MADE MY DAY! =D

Then another surprise from my class
Friend baked me my fav dessert! brownies and pudding T__T love love love you my dear T__T its so delicious especially the pudding. Want more la >o<

and the unexpected present <3~
mega ultra love it! <3 bouquet of colourful flower (madly love the pink-purpelish carnation). I remember that I wanted something like this for my 18th or 20th birthday but didn't get it since I never say something about it la =p coz I prefer a surprise flower not a requested flower as present. Its so beautiful *__* I even put it in my bedroom LoL hope it last long or at least I can see the small one bloom >w<. 

SO THANK YOU FASHION DESIGN 3.1!! friends and lecturer. It was so much fun >w< you guys also satisfied no?? ROFL. I'm still nice eh, not make you wet when I clean my hair LoL will never forget that day moreover about "that" incident =p

and when I got home, I just had a small celebration, not going anywhere since its already too late when mom got home :( but still ok la. At least this year too, we can eat on the same table :)
Manon's Strawberry Cheesecake and macarons <333 
thank you oka-saaaaan

and here, at last, picture of me (and my bare face which shows eye-bag and tiredness lol)

it was so much fun that day. I even feel so tired the next day LoL but really, its tired in a fun way XD again, thank you all, wish the best for all of you, my sweetheart :)!