EOS Jewelry Grey

September 24, 2012

Hello all! its been a long time since my last update, no? sorry for the long absence! college have started and I couldn't find the time to post since I work so slow on my assignment LoL especially this third semester gonna be extra hard! even the lecturers told us to prepared getting not enough sleep >_<! well anyway, enough with the college chit-chat. Today I would like to have my first lens review! ^__^ I love lens and bought lot of it but review? this the first try LoL. I gonna review this EOS Jewelry Grey that I bought months ago! 

EOS Jewelry Grey
Specification :
diameter 14.80mm
B.C. 8.60
water content 45%
duration : 6 - 12 month
Brand : EOS Origin : Korea
Bought it because I wanna try the Korea and Japan lens. I usually bought what I found in the optic store. Sadly they rarely sell bold colours/motives, usually it only enlarge my eyes LoL I need something that can be seen, the motive, not only enlarge my eyes la haha! So I choose this one as some review and picture clearly shown the motive and colours on eyes

Quite safe and secure than the one I usually bought. And kinda hard to open at first. I like it how the place it on small bottle. To me, it seems more hygienic 

At first I thought the motives was so so so simple but when I wear it and think of it again, not only because of the diameter it enlarge the eyes but the motives too! See the blue coloured motive? it was small around the pupil area then larger when it reach outside? yep that's it! it focus on the pupil and gradually then creates space on the outer area of the eyes after that, the black border secure. Like some eyes illusion eh? LoL. It reminds me that I once learn from college this kind of thing like, in garment/fabric pattern, fat people better wear vertical line than horizontal lines coz horizontal make them even more fat :\

It dries so fast! like after 1-2hours I need my lens solution @__@. It happened outdoor and indoor. Pain me la~

When I wear it
The colour and motives quite visible on my super uber small eyes! Unique is, it was grey but sometimes become sky blue on my eyes which is, I love it too! ^__^ it doesn't look so fake :) here's some picture of me <3~

the pattern so visible on my last pic! <3 <3 <3

well, then hope you like it! ^.^ time to back to my assignment! oh my me, I so so crazy la. H-1 and I re-do all the assignment!! wish me luck people! ^.^