Za True White Metavoltage Cream

August 06, 2012

As I mentioned before, I have a very dry skin and bad routine resulting in my skin condition so bad! pimples, redness, acne scar, small milia. Maybe my face have almost all skin problem LoL but this year I'm so into skin care and thanks goodness my skin condition improved, much more better than my junior high's. 

Since my skin so dry, its important to exfoliate them, remove the dead cell to make it smoother and brighter. I've heard of CURE and when I went to Hong Kong I found it but so expensive leh T_T and then I remember that I bought something similar to CURE back then (and forgot LoL) which was Za True White Metavoltage Cream ^.^

I'm a big fan of Za's ^.^ although some friends and cousin say its not very good, but I found it suitable for my acne prone skin! not only the skin-care but the make-up too :D~ (will post about the powder later, k? ^ ^)

Introducing my current exfoliating cream!
The packaging said all. So I think no need much to type, eh? LoL for packaging, I love everything that is between simple, clean and cute. For this, its so simple and clean, with the touch of pink font which is my favourite colour, HA! It has softening agent and vitamin E ^ . ^ Good for soft and bright skin result eh?

The backside of packaging also explain what it claims and how-to. Its a good things to see explanation on the backside as I have problem with my memory LoL. Will be such a waste I apply it wrongly, no? Use it 2-3times a week it said. I use it like only one a week and I have this soft and bright skin for 2-3days ahead. Guess the brightening agent work! ^ ^ 

And as you can see its in squeeze form. Quite hygienist. No worries if you want to see the remaining. Just put it under the light then you can see the remaining of it!

white-solid-coloured (and imo, kinda chewy LoL) and fragrance-less 

On backside of my hand. Looks like gel and hard to blend eh? but no lah, Actually its quite easy. 

Apply it and left it for 15seconds. Quick na? it dry so quick, its not even 15sec but some part of it dried already

then gently massage it in circular motion to exfoliate/remove the cream and your dead skin. See the gray circle? that's my dead skin >_< at first I'm not very sure whether or not it really smoothen my skin then I try to rub my dry lips to back of my hand. . . it does become so smooth and moisturise O____O like applying my body lotion LoL

So, here's my final verdict! ^.^
What I like:
- Cheap
- Smoothen and Moisturise my skin, means, It does what it claims!
- Quick (only need 15sec then rinse it with water)

What I dislike:
- None >___<