Skin Food: Banana Yogurt Mask (Wash Off)

August 23, 2012

Still in holiday mood? fortunately, I AM! not only pigging (eat and sleep and go somewhere else) in this holiday I try to pamper myself. I neglected my face condition during my college time. One treatment that my face receive were facial LoL so, I'm back becoming a mask-freak LoL. Yeah, I love mask almost all of it especially sheet-type mask and I have dozen of mask "collection"~! well, anyway, first mask that I tried after long time of absence was the Skin Food's Banana Yogurt Mask (Wash Off)! Why? I feel that my skin become more and more dry since during this holiday, most time I spent was inside my air conditioned room, mall, cafe, car. . . basically AC-Room ^ ^''

So. . . let's start, doh? :)

The packaging, IMO more like a mini plant pot with spin-cap. Product information on the cap and description on the container's body part. Simple packaging, but I don't have problem with that :D! Size and price both are reasonable (bought it online long time ago #dzigh) its not very small nor big. Since its only me who use it, this size can long for 6months if I diligent enough LoL

Product description on the body part. See? its not very big, standard la~ . . . for single person usage .____. and the reason why I bought it cox it claims to prevent skin dehydration and soothe sensitive skin! :D and as far as I know, banana good for dry skin and yogurt good for acne. Tempting for people who suffer from acne and sensitive skin x___x (like me!)

The texture just like what its' name. Banana Yogurt. Milky, sweet banana scent, not sticky and give the cool feeling if you place it inside AC room ^ ^ 

Zoom-in of the mask texture. See the tiny yellow-orangish tiny dots? its like scrub! but not the hard one. It was soft and it dissolve when I rub it!

Another zoom-in of the mask on my left hand. So milky >w< its like a melted candy haha! sadly doesn't came in spatula so I should took it out with my finger :( hygienic level down la!

Now, lets apply it eh! hope the picture clear enough :)
Like what I mentioned earlier the scrub dissolve! its not like some scrub that can cause pain or redness. It blends in with the white texture. And when it dried, it became a little bit sticky and smells like plain banana milk in which, I dislike it -_- the colour became less visible.

Comparison of before and after I use the mask (on my left hand) my skin became more moisture then the before. It can be clearly being seen in the place that I marked. Oh dear la, my before skin looks so dull *cries*. As for my face, it do calm my redness a little but what I like is my face become more smoother and just like what it does to my hand, my face looks less dull and I remember when after I applied this mask the night before went out with friends, they said my face look healthier than the usual O____O well, the truth is my bare face always looks like sick/pale :| (not the zombie pale eh!!)
Hmm. . . so in conclusion:
- Moisture my skin
- Calm my redness a little bit
- Reasonable price (bought it less than IDR 100.000)
- Thin and non-sticky texture, its quite comfortable cox sometimes sticky texture prevent me in doing something else because of the uncomfortable feeling LoL

- Doesn't come with spatula. Not hygienic enough la x(
- Hope they can improve the smell. I really dislike the smell when it dry :(

I don't think so. Me wanna try another mask la! and in case if I want to calm my redness, now I have my Rosken's Magic Drop <3