Red Queen X White Queen

August 10, 2012

For those who follow my twitter and instagram probably know that I'm on my final project, starting around 5weeks ago and of course, its depressing since this subject (Illustration) was my re-take class. I fail my first one and the one that made me fail was this final project. It scores the biggest and so fatal if you fail it! well, that happened to me :(

Well, anyway, I wanna share my final project since I'm so happy with it! I got high mark, higher than I expected. I never score this high from my illustration teacher >__< I don't know other campus, they said, usually fashion design focus on either illustration or the pattern but on my college, its even! they must be in the same level/term.

So, let's start okay!

Starting from the theme. The teacher always give use theme and we combine to what we like. Like for example, for this this semester the theme was Geometrical Fantasy. She gave us list of fantasy movie and then we combine it with geometrical painter. I choose Alice in Wonderland movie, combining the Red Queen+White Queen. I wanna combine both of them since I think, its gonna be unique! ^.^ I wanna express the arrogant, elegant, and childish side and the painter I choose was Leon Polk Smith's since there's his painting of round in which, round resemble feminity and I wanna some extravagant, soft and round silhouette for my collection! 

after deciding what to choose we need to consult and approvement. Luckily mine was approve, very quickly. Then its time for moodboard. Moodboard contain what the theme and what we wanna express. Made it using photoshop. To put it simple, its like our collection cover/theme :) So I googled up and like always, deviantart help me the most! So here's what my moodboard looks like:

After the moodboard being approved, next was the textile. Yes! TEXTILE! since this gonna be our original collection we need to think all of it, not only the design but the fabric as well. The fabric too, shouldn't off track, should resemble what we wanna express and what's there in our moodboard. My teacher told us if we have good and strong moodboard, its easy for the rest of it. (picture was scanned)

Remember that I mention earlier, we combine it with geometrical painter? yup, you can see it at the upper left. It the one that I choose. Made the black base from birmat (CMIIW, I got this from friend who study architect) and the red one from clay then I use gloss varnish to obtain that glossy appearance LoL and addition of gold glitter to make it more "alive" rest, you can read the explanation on the picture ^ ^

Approved. Move on to the next step. The garment design! its so frustrating since we should creative and smart. We ought to design something that's not ready to wear or simple. More like a unique design. haute couture. avant garde. Honestly I'm not very good in this kind of things coz we must also think HOW to made it or POSSIBLE to make it or not @___@ we need to make 2collection. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter and each season we should made 10sketch. From those sketches only few were chosen, like, bottom, top, and outer garment. After the selection of garment what we need to do is the workshop drawing

Workshop drawing, or to make it easy is a flat drawing of your garment. It helps you during the presentation and production especially if you bring it to pattern maker. Seems easy eh? Yeah, I thought so during the previous semester and that's what made me fail too. It needs so damn much patient to draw and stick the details. We should draw the garment using curve ruler since sometimes our stroke pressure not even la. I try not to use it once and being caught although friend said that it's good already T__T I can't trick the teacher's eyes #iskick

And this also take time (well, for me) since I try to stick the detail/information as clean and neat as possible. The presentation very important and if you miss or skewed some measurement/border, the score could probably become so much different I mean, its like bungee jumping LoL even 1mm of mistake can be spotted by my teacher O____O so scary! but believe me!

And lastly, taraaaaah my illustration! I mad love this very much!! at first I don't know how and what to draw since I want to make the garment look more visible then the illustration but thanks to Endi Feng and Stephanie Nangoi who attended the Shu Uemura's event and gave a report about it! ^.^ It said that Karl Lagerfeld colours his illustration using the Uemura's eyeshadow! and I give it a try la!  Colour the garment using the colour poster and the figure using my coastal scent pallete LoL

I don't use much eyeshadow since I want the soft pastel result and only on shading/important area. Its not that good but I like it and grateful of it ^.^ my teacher even praise my illustration la! I never this praises from this illustration teacher T__T okay, I got twice but this the most "omo, all my hard work paid already leh T__T)

In total I got high mark!! I never got this high before. So mad mad mad love and proud of my work. Will never throw this one! I love it that I even scan and share it here LoL y'know, the feeling of fullness when you accomplish something and got the result far more than you expected (in a good meaning)

well, okay, that's all from me ^.^ its a long post but hope you enjoy it, fellas! see you on the next post :*

*please let me know if I miss some of the credits! :)