Randomness Crave: Hachi-Hachi Bistro

August 09, 2012

Yahoo~~~ ^o^/ I'm back with another food post! Final test week were coming and during my stressful times I eat more than normal time. But I don't get fat la! my weight still the same LoL. So! about few days ago while I'm waiting for my evening class (yeah, evening -_-) I hang-out with my friend at Central Park. I actually wanna dye my hair but some problem occurred that I can cancelled it :( Cuz its still early and we don't know what to do, I randomly said 

"Hey I wanna eat something but after that let's have cakes too"

and since my friend, too, dunno what to eat, here's the result of our randomness LoL. Hachi-Hachi Bistro! we planned to eat rice, not sushi but ends up we shared the sushi wtf LoL

Here's what I ordered that day:
Black Dragon Roll IDR 43.000
My favs! sweet and tasty tempura inside. The rolls have 8pieces and its enough for 2person. In fact, ordering 3menus was too many for us LoL. The sauce and mayonnaise goes well, especially with the unagi on top yummeh laaaah~ :9 


Baked Salmon Roll IDR 41.000 
This was my friend's choice. At first I kinda "er er. . . you sure? there's saos sambal (spicy ketchup) plus mozzarella cheese" but luckily its not that spicy and the mozzarella cheese blend well with the sushi rice.  For the inside, it was crab and cucumber ^.^ Honestly its not my fav and I can't eat much cuz I still think that sushi with saos sambal and mozzarella cheese kinda not ok, although the taste was so-so LoL


Teriyaki Bar IDR 37.000
I never thought that this one gonna so delly! the next time I come, I'll just order this plus rice. Teriyaki beef and chicken on top, crunchiness that fold the sushi rice and rice roll with cucumber inside. This what make me full and I almost can't have my cakes LoL. Although the teriyaki sauce was too sweet for me, but its not a problem since I love the inside XD~

Central Park Mall LG/234. Phone: 021- 56985592

Oh dear, blame my stressful project, I eat A LOT. So don't get confuse if you find my blog talk about food lately LoL