Planning to Take a Bite but...:Churreria Spanish Chocolateria

August 17, 2012

Hello everyone!! I'm back with another food post! Gosh, I can't stop eating and eating during this holidays! whenever I met my friends, I drag them to eat something while chit-chatting. Its fun when we eat and have a long chat with old friends, no? Our plan that day were celebrating one of our friend's graduation at Tairyo (another Japanese All You Can Eat restaurant >w<). This time while waiting for the boys me and another female friends choose Churreria (that located in Grand Indonesia). They  also opened another branch at Central Park but I prefer Grand Indonesia's as it was more cozy <3. K' less talk and now the picture spam! :D

Rainbow Cake IDR 32.000
The first time I saw this cake was the one that my lecturer brought and eversince then I'm curious where the heck he bought it and apparently, it was Churreria's. Churreria's Rainbow Cake was the one that make me curious about it but I have my first try on Kitchnette's LoL. Anyway, since I'm so curious I managed to try this one. IMO, this was the signature look of the rainbow cake. One slice, seven layers.

I love taking picture of zoom-in food or the texture! it was the same as the any other cakes' texture. So fluffy and each layers divided by the cream. Each colours, too have its own taste and in comparison with Kitchenette's, I can feel the flavour more in Churreria's >w< love love love la! but sadly I don't like the white cream. Its just like any other cream >__< but oh well, each have its plus minus, no? :)

As for the look? I like this one better cox they add those cute colourful sugar ball on the top of cakes! feels like back to my childhood >//w//< nostalgic indeed haha!

Churros Deluxe IDR 48.000 (2flavour)
The signature menu from Churreria! ^ ^ and kinda nostalgic for me haha. Since I ordered the deluxe, I can have 2flavour. Choose Dark Chocolate and Caramel. Actually, the caramel was my friend's choice. I honestly dislike too-sweet food like caramel but turned out I like it O__O its not very sweet eh! and the dark chocolate that I choose turn out. . . not dark chocolate enough LoL I love the bitter one but this one was kinda sweet.

You can choose the topping for the churros too. I choose the powdered almond. I remember eating this kind of food when I was small and it used almond. Again, nostalgic eh?  XD

Sherley Temple IDR 35.000 
They said, it was inspired my the drink during the war time. But anyway it taste more sour than to sweet. Refreshing I said as waiting for the boys too long can make me sleepy lol and after all the sweet stuff, sour important to reduce the calories (my theories LoL)
I fill my holiday pig-ing and meeting some old friends and also preparing stuff for college. Looks like I'm gonna have another hard time but since it was holidays, better enjoy it, no! ^o^ have a good holidays people, enjoy it to the fullest before back to work! chop chop! >w<