Macaroons Love (//v//): Manon *picspam*

August 19, 2012

PhotobucketJust a picture spam! I mad mad mad love macaroons cox of its colours and flavour too ^w^ and I once heard that Marc Jacobs also inspired by macaroon for his previous collection O///O. A~nyway~ I'm so happy when I found out that Manon opened a branch in the mall where I live nearby, MKG (Mall Kelapa Gading). Friends said that we need to queue but I'm so lucky enough that day LoL. Manon quite unique, they have different macaroon everyday, they even gave me the schedule! not only that, they have the seasonal flavour. Like Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn, Chinese New Year, Valentine and even Mother's Day! O____O I can go there frequently la or even I should plan when I go there LoL. Anyway, enjoy the picture spam >w<

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Seeing the macaroons being place like that so tempting leh Q//A//Q


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Looks like candies no? >//w//<

Anyway, Happy Eid Mubarak, friends ^ ^ wish you all have a great great day with your beloved one! :)