Cakes and Cakes: Kitchenette

August 05, 2012

I'm a type of person, who prefer spending money on food than any other else. When it comes in money? most of time if its food, I spend it willingly cuz I love to taste different kind of food, especially the cute and sweet one. This post gonna be when I visit Central Park's Kitchenette. Rumour said it just opened? really? well who cares, at least now I know where to search for Rainbow Cake when I go to Central Park ^.^

Its a food-spam picture. Since it still fasting month for the Muslim, be sure to open in on your own risk. I don't guarantee if you cancel your fasting cuz of this post LoL #iskickbyreaders

Here's what I ordered:
Red Velvet in a Jar - IDR 35.000
Red Velvet Whoopie Pie - IDR 25.000
Groovy Checkered Cakes - IDR 35.000
The Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. I personally think its like eating a stuffed red bread with raspberry jam on top. More to sour than sweet. The powdered sugar seem no effect, no sweet at all T_T and I recommend you to eat this last. I ate this as the first choice and end-up full O____O  it took about 20minutes for me to continue to the next dessert. Luckily with my friend that day, can chat too X3~

Red Velvet in a Jar. Sour too! what I like is the tasteless and sweet smelled cream. I reduce the red velvet's sourness >__< the cream, not one of those kinda that give you the nauseated of feeling well >w<

aaaaaaaand *drumroll* my ultra most favourite! the Groovy Checkered Cake (although for me, its definitely rainbow cake LoL) at first I'm just confused with the rainbow cake trend especially most friends said Kitchenette's the best. I thought "what's with that la, only silly rainbow cake nauseated-over-sweet cream!!"

So, okay, I try this one and. . . . O_____O
Its so delicious! each coloured have their own flavour and the cream? for me, it taste like vanilla ice cream! The coloured-marbled-sugar make the appearance cute too, btw. I even took my dad there last week and he like it O___O he usally HATE this kind of things! coloured cake, creams. Haven't get bored with this yet la >__< me crave for more LoL

So, have you try various type of rainbow cake yet? cuz Kitchenette was my first stop in trying. Share with me! ^.^
Central Park, Tribeca G Fl Unit PAV 3 A
, Jakarta. 

Phone: (021) 5698-8888