Amazing Spiderman with RevlonID

August 01, 2012

Hey people! so how's your weekend? hope its amazing eh! :) So around last Saturday? or second week of July? oh well, its a late post actually LoL anyway, again, bloggers were invited by Revlon to watch The Amazing Spiderman at iMax (Gandaria City) at first I honestly thought that "Haiah dude! what's the big deal la, its to far and so early eh. Only iMax, can watch it at home or nearest cinema" But since some blogger friends that I knew attend the event too, so, its decided, count me in! Its fun, remembering those time. Watching it with bunch of friends and peoples, I FEELS LIKE KAMPONG EH! iMax sure is good ;____; We got to watch the 3D one and the effect so damn good. Cuz of that how I wish iMax could be more cheaper and nearer from where I live LoL
n'way, after those fun time watching The Amazing Spiderman, we still had another schedule. Its the launching of Revlon new make-up line, the Photo Ready series in which, consist of 

* PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup
* PhotoReady Perfecting Primer
* Photoready Color Correcting Primer
* Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener 
* Revlon Photoready Sculpting Blush Palette
* Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara

nearer look of the photoready mousse, perfecting primer and color correcting primer

 Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara
A waterproof mascara with available shade Blackest Black and Blackened Brown. Claims to make your volumize and lengthen your lashes to 100% O_____O!! The mascara brush promise it can reach every inch of your lashes eh :o
 Revlon Photoready Sculpting Blush Palette
A 3 in 1 palette. Interestingly this one not only consist of blush on but highlighter and contour blush too! so convenient and save place inside the make-up pouch, no :p (k, I keep on saying convenient eh? cuz I'm cuz a lazy person LoL XD) Same like the foundation and airbrush mousse, it has the photo-chromatic pigment too. No worry, your cheek will not give that shiny look like a bulb being put there LoL  Oil free, Fragrance free, Talc free and Parabean free. Available in; Pink, Peach, Neutral, Berry

 PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup
Light foam, mousse foundation with photo-chromatic pigment as ingredient, best in reflecting light which is, this one suitable for photo-shoot session! kinda remind me of Make-up Forever's but obviously its different la~ Oil and fragrance free well, imo, although its fragrance free looks like there's some ingredient there that make it produce unpleasant smell for few hours of application. Kinda disappointed with the smell and application. It needs time to pump it or it can be too much >__<. In Indonesia, we're given 4shades of choice which is; Shell, Medium Beige, Golden Beige and Natural Ochre 
 Photoready Color Correcting Primer
Purple coloured primer that claims to correct unevenness of your face and redness. I'm interested in this one cuz of the colour. Remind me of my faceshop's primer that I use currently and yeah it reduce my redness and result in my make-up turns out better. Curious this one gonna do the same or not :D. Oil free, Fragrance free, Talc free and Parabean free
 Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener
Pencil shaped! love this one! basically, made it easy, its like concealer but have the function of eye primer too, and can be as highlighter. Convenient eh? planning to buy this one ^.^  Oil free, Fragrance free, Talc free and Parabean free

PhotoReady Perfecting Primer
Pinkish coloured primer that claims to reduce your pores and smooth lines. One of the item as base make-up before foundation.  Oil free, Fragrance free, Talc free and Parabean free

Going on, not only talking about the new product they also entertain us with some other thing! or else it'll be so bored LoL. There're make-up demo by Revlon's Make-up artist, Mini Fashion Show, Quizzes with lovely gift like Forever21's acc and Revlon's product the last, which maybe everyone anticipated for, the Lucky Draw! winner got the Instax >____<

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post. I learned my lesson 'kay? Be sure to grab the front line faster to have a better angle for photo LoL (I'm not the type who can easily buzz in the crowd T__T) 

Since I can't join in when the MC and Make-up artist having their spotlight moment, I decided to hear what they talked about while walk around the venue chitchating and taking some picture LoL (took a lot, eliminate a lot too, HA!) 

What caught my eyes during the event was the make-up table. Lately, I'm so interest with those kind of things but impossible to buy la! for what? O___O;; 

Overall, I really enjoy this event ^__^ honestly, I always thought that Revlon suit my mom's age range better than me but thanks to this event I gradually change my mind-set. Some product actually suit college girl like me :) for example, the Eye Primer + Brightener. I always like those kind of convenient packaging that suit as daily basis! The so-so coverage suitable for people like me who prefer apply BB Cream or Powder with concealer rather than the concealer itself! :)

So, that's all from me! have a nice nice nice summer guys ^____^ plus, sorry I don't update my blog frequently, I targeted myself to be graduate next year and hence, decided to more focus on that. I blog when I have the chance, kay ^___^