Etude House 2 Event: Pink Burlesque

July 04, 2012

Wanna be sweet?
Play Etude!

So, last Friday around 22June few blogger and media were invited to the Etude House 2 Event, the Pink Burlesque. They introduced their new product on that event and not only introducing the new product they also held k-pop dance cover and beauty class. Free nail art, gift and make-up also available there! oh plus special discount of 40%!! all product! kind leh?!

we got the chance joining the make-up demo by Ms. Lee (right). She's a korean make-up artist and also the one who did Sandara's (members of 2NE1, CMIIW) make-up during the previous campaign. She showed us the semi-smoky eyes that current, she said the leading make-up trend there. To doll-up the pretty model she not only use the Etude House's old product but the new product too... well, that's one of the point of this make-up demo, no? :p

Skin Malgeum
Consist of 5 variant plus 1 emulsion that it said suitable for all skin type! The korean always use skincare before applying their make-up. Healthy skin make it easier to apply make-up and of course, good result. Apply it on your face and drag it outward.

Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit
Apply it using make-up brush. Why using brush? it results more even. Just like how you apply your skincare, apply it on center of your face then drag it outward. I found that they have improve this BB Cream quality. The previous one tend to result in pale colour and although they said gonna blend with your original skin colour, well, in me? I look pale. Current's more better as it blend with the user's original skin tone

Dear my Blooming Pact
Again, use brush so it will not result in cakey make-up, a more natural just like the k-pop artist! see the Etude carving inside the pact? I think that's the new logo >w< so cute and princess like leh~~ 

Dear My Blooming Cheek
In here, Ms. Lee used the Pink one (picture: first one). Well, she said its better to use colour that give out like natural blush since in here, she concentrated on the semi-smoky eyes

Dear My Blooming Lip Gloss

Dear My Blooming Lips

As for the eye-make I'm so sorry that I couldn't give you the product picture. Honestly, I forgot which she used! I only remember brown colours LoL. And here's the result of her make-up!
So natural leh? what impressed me was the BB Cream. Honestly speaking the model own a brown skin-tone, not milky white like the k-pop artist but the BB Cream and Powder blend well with her original skin-tone :) 

The Etude House Indonesia Team and Ms. Lee
Thanks for inviting us to this lovely event! sadly Ms. Lee can't speak english, or its gonna be more fun >__<

and here's what I got from the event. Beyond expectation!! thanks a bunch la >__< frankly, I usual powder about to run out and suddenly I got full size from you. Lucky!

Again, thanks for the invitation. I'm having so much fun with my blogger friends too ^ ^ although there some downside but I believe its all due to misunderstanding and lack of briefing for the staff. Hope the next event gonna be more better!