NOTD: Lazy Crazy Dots

June 19, 2012

Hiya all! something just went wrong with my modem this noon and I used my phone as modem (yay! thankie my Galaxy Notes) since it ran out of battery I charged it and. . . decided to do my nail out of boredom :| till I finish my nails, random home karoke, rolling on bed, it finished charging too LoL

So I continue my assignment :3 while the pages I open is still loading I decided to do a post LoL

I decided to made this simple dot nail that can be achieve easily using small brush, nail art pen. But since I don't want to dirty my brush and doesn't own nail art pen I used pin instead. Less talk, more picture in this post :) hope its understandable! :D

Here's what I use

 Fav nail colour. Mine:
1. Face Shop
2. The SkinFood Jojoba Pure Nail

place your pin onto your mechanical pencil's eraser. That way you can achieve perfect dot/round shape 

 Base colour (I coated it around 3-4times)
Optional, you can use Top Coat after this

 Dotting time! Pour amount of black colour to paper as your palette 

I know its too much dot. I'm just so so bored and feel like wanna do it :3

have a nice day people~