My Beauty Diary: Blooming Garden Raspberry Fruity Hand Cream

June 10, 2012

Hello people~~~! I'm back with another review! erm. . . small review actually. I decided to do a review on this Hand Cream that I got as free gift when buying this one.

My Beauty Diary: Blooming Garden Raspberry Fruity Hand Cream come in a small size (35ml) with pink packaging with fruit decoration on the front. The cap, in my opinion like a water tap. It travel friendly because of its small size, in case if your usual hand cream was too big :3

Back side of the packaging contain its' ingredient list. Some ingredient that attract my attention was Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Honey Extract, Shea Butter. Which mean, this hand cream good can moisturize my dry hand, no?

The texture before being rub was kinda hmm. . . how should I describe it? its not like any other cream that I had try before. Usually I have this soft and watery texture which in just seeing it, promising enough for the moisturizing result. This one's texture was kinda hard/solid >__<

Here's after I rub it to my skin. As you can see from the picture about, its not very watery compare to my Rosken. In my opinion, I prefer cream/lotion that have quick absorbance, I don't like it very much to keep on rubbing my skin ^^; It keeps my hand moisturize for just like 1-2hours. The only good thing that I found in this cream was its fragrance. The soft and sweet berries fragrance! So girly :) (eh wait. . . lately I found most of scent/fragrance that I own was. . . girly type one(s) O_o)

Maybe its suitable for people who like to keep hand cream inside their bag and use it before they go for any schedule/meeting/hand-shake? LoL #iskick

So, here's my final verdict :3
✓ Nice Fragrance
✓ Travel Friendly, doesn't take much place
✓ Cute Packaging

✕ Doesn't last long (like for 1-2hours)
✕ Hard to find, or maybe it only available as a free gift?