How I Tackle My Dry Skin

June 14, 2012

Hello people ^__^ I'm back again with another post. This time, wanna share how I maintain my dry skin (okay the post title so lebay =p) note that I'm still learning in how to post a good entry so please watch over me, nee~ :D

I own dry skin, very dry I should say cuz not only own it, I mostly stay indoor with AC. Dry + Dry= Super Dry!! how I hope its like maths, Minus + Minus= Plus. LoL. The bad part having dry skin is it doesn't look healthy, it hurt easily if I scratch it when bitten by mosquitoes and during winter it so dry that it damaged my skin, so ugly la! my skin flake off (cmiiw) by its own. Feels like a snake T___T not that many and disgusting, fortunately :)

So I searched up the for causes of dry skin and start to take care of my skin carefully. Bad, from 11 point causes of dry skin, it happens to me almost all of it. Its like. . . my routine, man! but currently I'm trying some of my bad habit that can damage my skin and start off with some skin care too! I use not only one skin care by around 4 since I like collecting skin care too than make-up (now starting want to learn more 'bout it anyway ^__^) Why I used various skin care for me skin? cuz I believe some skin care works best during specific time and place :)

So here's my current holy grail to maintain my skin moisture! :)

Vaseline Healthy White, Triple Protection. Use it during daytime and when I go outdoor! It has SPF24 which is ok-lah. I'm not under the sun for too long. Not only it has SPF and PA++ it also moisture my skin for couple of hours. I rarely found skin care with SPF that can moisture my skin for hours. As for the whitening effect I don't feel it works enough or maybe because it will take more time on that process (just use it for like one months)

Rosken Skin Repair: Dry Skin Cream. Apply it before I go to bed because it has no ingredient that in my opinion suitable during day time (like sun block) and I'm sure that skin care work best during night when we're asleep. Where our skin have rest and regenerate. So watery texture, scentless and improve my skin moisture! easy to find too. Just go to your nearest drugstore like Watson :)

Day & Night:
Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion. The scent, that's make me fall in love with it. Good first impression enough. Beside the scent, it help to maintain my skin moisture for 3-4hours. That's why when I'm out on some errand and stay indoor I choose this not only as my skin's vitamin but as perfume too LoL. I mostly use this one on evening activity like hang-out with friends, event, family time. I just feel the scent suitable for those kind of things =p

Body Shop: Shea Body Butter. Its more concentrated than Vaseline. This product focus more on the skin especially for very dry skin than the fragrance in which, no problem for me. It smells nice although not as sweet as Vaseline's. Usually apply this when I'll go to somewhere so dry like, AC-Full room, winter country (plus sunblock, of course) or when my skin dryness at it's bad bad level x___x

Lastly, don't forget to scrub your skin to remove dead skin. I usually scrub my skin twice a month (yeah, catagorize me as lazy you may LoL) using some cheap stuff like Shinzui. But what's important is don't ever forget to drink enough water! so vital! lack of water not only bad for skin but health too T__T especially you who have packed schedule please please do take care of your health. Skip food no prob la but don't forget drink enough water >___< 

Currently I keep reminding myself to drink enough water to achieve those glowy healthy skin like my friend whose skin I envy. So wish me luck! haha =p well, have a nice day people~~ :D