Chen Man: My current fav Fashion Photographer ♡

June 13, 2012

So, last month when I went to Hong Kong, I stopped at Singapore for a while (transit). The last time I went there for holidays was like when I was 9yo O_o. Anyway, I spent my night on the airport since my next flight were morning flight. The airport itself amazed my, so big la~ branded store, beauty product, food, etc and etc *__* I of course, stop by at the beauty store there and was like "omo, omo, never see this in Indo, me wanna me wanna" then, when I went out from one store to another, there's this one poster amazed me. It was M∙A∙C and Chen Man; Love and Water Spring Collection 2012!

It catch my attention even until now! moreover if I look it directly like the first and second time and I'm on Singapore Airport for transit.  This collaboration took the theme of Chinese ideology; Harmony Between Man and NatureLove is invisible. Water is material and tangible. These are two main elements of the origin of lifeI love how she can express the theme. Especially the strong and elegance feeling of water. Plus, imo, its hard to combine blue and pink, make them become one harmony is like so damn impossible (for me~) Great job M∙A∙C and Chen Man!! :)

Because of this attractive poster I searched for the photographer, and apparently (thx to google haha), I found out that she is a chinese in her early 30s. Started her career in her 20s and success because of her  shoot for a chinese magazine. They said it made a HUGE impact, people amazed by her photography combined nicely with her 3D skill moreover, she do it herself and that shoot (cmiiw) was her first try on a magazine O_o. I always adore successful and hardworking woman and most of my role model is woman LoL. She graduated in Fine Art (BA) and no idea that she will become a fashion photographer in the future. I should say she has talent, aesthetic eyes, good sense and she use it well to produce great picture.

She mostly inspired by her surrounding and for her, what important is ideas, how to express those ideas and originality. Her consistency on her style, for me, was something should be appreciate and follow no matter with who and what kind of things you gonna work at or with. Its pretty amazing if you can find a way to combine your style with something you thought hard and never think of. She has a futuristic and fantasy style, oriental and classic. Hence, I feel that its like combining eastern and western in a perfect way :)

Here's some paragraph on her interview that I like >w<~ and its inspiring~
How else does your Chinese heritage serve as a source of inspiration?
"Life is my inspiration. I love traditional Chinese philosophy and culture. My work is complex and it matches the faces of our era; it’s Eastern and Western; it’s neither mainstream nor anti-mainstream; it’s the past, the present, and the future; it’s tacky and elegant. This is all achieved through a combination of 'hardware' from ancient Chinese culture and 'software' from modern Western culture."
We want to know about your collaboration with MAC! How did the partnership come about?
"The use of pink represents love and the West; blue represents water and the East. Furthermore, the environmental consciousness within us is what we need in a world dominated by materialism. We should use the fewest possible resources to create the highest possible intelligence, to reach harmony between man and nature."
What's your secret to grabbing the perfect shot?"I would like to thank the universe for giving me this great talent, but it was also acquired through long-term professional training. There are no rules. If there are, then it would be too easy to be imitated by others."

and here's some of her work! ^ ^/

Enjoy, people~!! :D