Rosken Skin Repair: Dry Skin Cream

September 08, 2012

My aunt bought it for me because she said I had an extreme dry skin although I said not too dry :| but oh well, that happened if half of your life was spend inside aircon room ne? #iskick

Rosken is an Australian brand specialize in Dry Skin. Promising to double your skin moisture level in 4days. Enriched with Olive Extract which contains natural antioxidant and Dimethicone to soften the skin. It forms a protective layer to lock in essential moisture. Not only for dry skin, it also available for dry+sensitive skin too.

White color and watery texture since it is a cream maybe, not lotion (cmiiw). I like the feeling when I apply it to my skin. My skin become soft and moisturized . The only thing I dislike was the scent! so medicine like leh!! Been using it for a month as night cream and yeah, my skin didn't as dry as it used to be. I don't use it as a day cream since it didn't contain any sunblock or whatsoever to protect me from it LoL

So here's my final verdict:
✓improve my skin moisture
✓easy to find, available in local drugstore like watson
✓pricey, but considering the result? worth it
✓a nice skin treatment product, imho

✗should keep in cool place or the texture become something like melt ice cream, LoL
✗it's medicine like scent