LRB Paris: Magic Drop

May 14, 2012

Ever imagine using one product to replace your toner and moisturizer? both are really important ritual for our face, no? it'll be so weird when usually after cleansing, we change those two steps to only one! o__o!! ... well honestly its new for me lol. I have very sensitive, dry and acne prone skin which is, very hard to take care of. This product was introduced to me by a beautician when I did my facial in Hong Kong (btw, today's facial sure is great, compare to when I'm in junior high .___.)

LRB Paris Magic Drop claimed
to prevent inflammation and irritation. it suitables for oily and sensitive skin. it maintais skin suppleness and give soft and radiant skin.

use it twice a day after cleansing as the replacement of your toning and moisturizing. apply it to your face and neck using cotton. you can use another beauty product after using this one

My Opinion:
at first I felt uneasy, leaving my usual routine in toning and moisturizing, replace it with only one product and most imporantly, never heard of it! but since I'm a girl who wannabe pretty, I try it la!

it has so watery texture which is I say, ok lah for moisturize your face, one pump enough for your face, even if you have chubby face like me (^^) don't forget to dab it so it absorb well. contain a lil soft fragrance but its something you can bear. see the drop of it? so clear like water neh o__o

after using it for one months, it really soothe my skin! I usually must not touch my face, lil touch if hand are dirty, redness and acne the next day! but now? I have lil redness on my face, especially when currently its my breakout time. it also calm my small redness in about 2days

I still have my acne, small acnes but lemme repeat it again, less redness (T_T) *madhappy. it also even out my skin tone slowly and smoothen my skin ♡

ok, I sound lebay la in here but I have pimples from ever since I was in primary 2! you know how it feels to have smooth skin (although not very smooth) for after this long time la~ (ノ´∀`*)

my skin condition keeps on improving after I use this product. currently I only clean my face with my usual cleanser then apply this one. some sunblock if I'm on an errand :D

picture below taken today, bare face of me, during my breakout time. usually I have red acne around chin and jaw area when on breakout (cmiiw, most girl like that, no?) but it shows only few on cheek and forehead ♡

scroll it down immediately!! not because of the bareface but my lapangan bola aka forehead lol!!

Final Verdict:
✓ simple packaging ♥
✓ soothe my sensitive skin/calm my redness
✓ even out my skin tone slowly
✓ give those healthy face look, lol
✓ lesser pimple although still much blackhead
✓ not very strong fragrance

✗ expensive! it cost me about 500HKD but... considering the result... :|
✗ hard to find in my country. it is available in Indonesia but I can't find it yet. maybe in some facial house? :)

Buy it again?
I deffinately gonna buy it if I have... more money .___. honestly on dilemma, love the result but not the price. I'm still colleague student a~ ♪~(´ε` )

hope this entry help you :) now I'm more and more used to post using my phone haha ~~