GUESS Anniversary: 30 Sexy Years!

May 22, 2012

So, last Saturday blogger were invited to Guess' anniversary and I was one of them! its my first event and more importantly my first time meeting all those great people! felt so mad happy, fashion event, new friends, new experience :D anyway, better a little post about the blogger part, have the feeling if I write any further about it, it'll be babling abouthow much I love my new surrounding, not the event. Bad la! (・・;)

I arrived on-time, but actually I left home late. Make-up done on car which was the result was so fugly #facepalm. First blogger that I met well of course Stella Lee, she's there near the front desk and I was kindly being introduced to the other bloggers too (^^♪

The event, like what my post title, 30th anniversary of Guess. The event itself like a flashback of their success till now. You can see the new Spring/Summer collection and some limitted past vintage collection (which I said,.was their iconic/trademark collection)

here's some of their fabulous old collection ♥

I'm sure you've seen them somewhere!

next, let's go for their new S/S (Spring/Summer) collection! :)

just from the color we can feel the spring leh? oh, I also just knew it that actually Guess was the first brand that created the slim-fit jeans! its my fav garment leh!! I wear like almost everyday cuz for me, I can move easily. Now we know who's the boss! go thanks them la! LoL!!

bored of the fashion things? they also provide free sercive of make-up and nail art by Revlon. Some bloggers had their nail 'dolled' up there and the result was good la (^^) I actually had my eyes on it but sadly can't queue long enough. so many interesting things caught my attention :l

And Guess was so kind enough, gave us goodie bag which contain much good things, just like its name LoL

so jawdrop when I saw this cute keychain ((´^ω^))

really thanks alot for that day la! Guess and IBB friends. I learn many new things, expand my horizon too! I felt awkward and nervous at first but just being with peoples who sharesame interest like me, its comfortable la~ less awkward, morover they're fun and kind (*´∀`*) hope can see you guys again, sorry for my awkwardness, weirdness and if there is mistake during that day (^^♪

*picture taken and edit using my phone. my pocket camera quality lose from phone's #shock
*posted via phone too, sorry if there's mistake
*enjoy! (^^♪