Etude House: Petit Bijou Peach Touch Allover Spray

May 30, 2012


Hiya all! can't believe myself posting review again. Its quite addictive y'know, sharing something that you love^__^ this time gonna share this Etude House: Petit Bijou Peach Touch Allover Spray that I bought last year. Bought it during Valentine sale season hence the price became so cheap la! around IDR 90.000

Its another cute packaging from Etude House designed by Espoir Pink. Soft Pink, girly and unique :D

You can use it on your fabric, body spray or even your room :p . It has a very soft peach and floral scent, so girly that in my opinion, suitable for daily use or when you're dating with your boyfriend :p It doesn't last long, about 2-3hours

As for the handle (or nozzle?) Its unique yet annoying too! Its like the traditional gardener/window spray. I'd say, thanks to the cute pink colour, it made the bottle look cute instead of cheap LoL and another good point is that if the spray run out already, you can re-fill it with your another favourite perfume/scent/spray! :)

Another annoying thing about the nozzle is that its hard to use it. I mean, your hand need time to adapt on how to use it, how much the spray will come out if you press the nozzle slowly/fast (spray it slowly so it came out as mist! :D)

Final Verdict:
✓ Soft and sweet scent
✓ Cute packaging, kinda classic design :)
✓ Quite cheap
✓ Multi-function

✕ Doesn't last long
✕ Not travel friendly since it'll take someplace on your baggage and should be careful with the nozzle too, don't throw the white plastic thing to lock it!