EOS Lipbalm in Summer Fruit

May 10, 2012

Been wanting to try from eversince the first time I watch Michelle Phan's make-up tutorial. and at last I got my EOS lipbalm! bought it when I went to Hong Kong

this lipbalm claimed
to keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth with its natural and organic ingredient
which you can see here

My Opinion:
at first when I opened the package and had my first try, it smells stink that I felt regretful buying this one! but I still couldn't believe it. if its so bad, why yet there's blogger said its good? so I give it a try for days. after days of trying now I know (cmiiw) why its stink. from what I see, they used some ingredient as the outer layer to protect the product. after you use it several times, it disappear and now you can now what's the product like

the one that I bought was in summer fruit flavour. I love it very much! gave out sweet and soft smells of fruit like strawberry and peach. it did what it claimed. I have dry lips and when I used it, it moistured my lips, made it soft and smooth that it ready to apply some lipstick :) hence I said, the ingredient written on the box is true! haha!

the packaging itself was simple and unique. goes well with the inside. but sadly because of its round shape, sometimes I found it hard enough to put in bag, how you say it? eat some space? (^_^;)

oh, for those who're curious of the inside look, here's the pic (^^)
it has plastic to protect your little lipbalm. and it fits the size la! (・o・)

My Verdict:
✓ love the scent
✓ simple packaging althought eat some space
✓ cheap
✓ do what it claimed
✓ last long for about... 5-6hours
✓ good treatment for dry lips!

✗ sadly, stink bad scent at first, must fix it la!
✗ hard to find in my country

purchase again? sure do! (*^^*)

and here's some tips from me. because of its natural ingredient, its good for you dry lips treatment. apply it before sleep and voila! healthy lips tomorrow. in my case, I tried it and have healthy smooth lips whole day!! hope it helps and happen to you too (οΎ‰´∀`*)

cheers for healthy and smooth lips! ♡